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Everybody loves a good success story, and Anja Kromkamp’s journey at Brunel is one for the books. From starting out as a junior in the Netherlands to her current role as a Senior Key Account Manager in Asia, her fulfilling career has spanned eight years. Join us as we take a deep dive into one of Brunel's most inspirational success stories. 

Life Sciences in Asia

Hi Anja! You joined Brunel eight years ago. Can you describe how your career has developed since then?  

When I started as a junior at Brunel eight years ago, my colleague and I saw the immense potential in a new market: Life Sciences. We dreamt of building up a new branch from scratch, and we set out to do just that in the northern part of the Netherlands. The journey wasn't easy – it took us over a year to conduct market research and understand the challenges facing this industry, including where clients needed support. 

In just three and a half years, we achieved our goal and built our portfolio on a national scale. Our clients spanned a range of industries, from multinational corporations to smaller companies food, pharmaceuticals and feed manufacturing plants. Throughout our journey, we remained committed to putting quality first, embracing continuous improvement, and finding ways to add real value for our clients. This led us to develop a Maintenance and Reliability education program in partnership with industry experts, aimed at empowering our clients with the right capabilities and skills to achieve their goals.

I strongly believe that it's our role to support clients with the challenges they’re facing, including how to navigate and evolve with rapidly changing technological advancements. At Brunel, we approach this from a human perspective, looking for ways to add value and support our clients in meaningful ways. In my role as a Key Account Manager, I have developed strong relationships with our key accounts, identified new opportunities, and made strategic decisions about which clients align with our overall strategy. As part of our Life Sciences vertical, I'm passionate about driving local initiatives and building our global strategy to better serve our clients.

Life Sciences in Asia

What do you like the most about working at Brunel, and which of Brunel’s values (passion for people, integrity, results-driven, entrepreneurship) resonates the most with you?

What I enjoy most about working at Brunel is the combination of entrepreneurship, making an impact, and collaborating with people. I always see myself as an entrepreneur within the organisation. At Brunel, we are empowered to create our own paths and shape our own careers, thanks to the opportunities and flexibility entrusted to us. We were able to build an entirely new market because of this. However, this achievement would not have been possible without a team. It was through the collaborative efforts of my team that we were able to achieve our goals. Just like a Formula 1 team, each member has a specific task, and the key to success lies in collaborating as a team to become champions.

The spirit of entrepreneurship combined with a sports mentality is what drives me daily. Creating something new and long-lasting, building and maintaining relationships, and constantly seeking the best possible solutions for our clients based on the human factor are all part of my passion. Together, we make an impact and create a legacy.

Life Sciences in Asia

What motivated you to choose Singapore as the location for the Brunel office relocation?

I have always dreamt of working abroad, and fortunately, this possibility exists within a global organisation like Brunel. Last year, I initiated conversations to explore potential opportunities and became captivated by the narrative of Brunel Asia, with is led by Jon Proctor, the Managing Director of Asia.


His dedication to fostering the region's growth and transforming Singapore into a prominent Asian hub resonated deeply with me. When my partner and I underwent orientation in Singapore earlier this year, we received an exceptionally warm welcome, instantly making us feel like this could become our new home. The palpable passion, untapped potential, collaborative spirit, and entrepreneurial atmosphere here are remarkable. Sometimes, to thrive and lead effectively, one must take a leap of faith and venture into new territories, all while savouring the journey!

Life Sciences in Asia
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