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Civil construction is the creation of infrastructure related to water, earth, or transport. It is a sub sector of Civil Engineering involved with the maintenance, construction and design of environments such as roads, buildings, water reservoirs, tunnels, and dams.

The civil construction industry consists of the individuals and companies involved in the planning, creation, and designing of our infrastructure. Civil construction truly shapes the world around us, and with the new technology that is increasing productivity, civil construction projects can now be done with a quicker schedule. Ranging from massive bridges for transportation to walkway construction and wastewater treatment centers to dams, the civil field encompasses some of the most essential building projects that are completed in our world each year. 

Role of Civil Engineers 

Besides managing construction projects, civil engineers are also responsible for creating the designing the project they are assigned to. They would have to plan, monitor and evaluate the structures to ensure that these structures can be safely used by the public.  
Therefore, it is crucial that they produce a cost-effective and environmentally safe and stable structure for each project. Besides that, civil engineers are required to handle some work scope that are related to site preparation, such as excavation and earth moving. 

Work Performed in Civil Construction Industry

Work Performed in Civil Construction Industry

Projects in Civil Construction Industry

Projects in Civil Construction Industry

Future of Civil Construction  

With the rise of the construction industry, engineers will experience significant growth in employment opportunities in 2022 as they will be needed for managing and rebuilding projects.

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