Everything you need to know about Vendor Inspection

Everything You Need to Know About Vendor Inspection



Vendor Inspection is the inspection and validation of new equipment. Vendor inspection of equipment can take place throughout the supply chain - during the manufacturing process, prior to the equipment leaving manufacturing site as well as during transportation and on-site arrival.

How would Vendor Inspection benefit clients?

Having the capability to carry out inspection work at the supplier’s site gives the client a level of confidence which allows them to control and manage risk across their entire supply chain.

With an experienced team of third-party inspectors to choose from, the client will be guaranteed a quality service that will be delivered whilst adhering to local and international standards, always ensuring compliance and safety.

Various types of inspection services that Brunel provides.

Third Party Inspection

  • Ensure that products ordered by client meet compliance standards
  • Inspect and ensure quality and technicality of product
  • Perform Welding NDT, Leak Test, FAT, etc., inspections
  • Qualify and inspect Electrical Instruments as well as Coating Inspection checks
  • Evaluate and certify goods (equipment) before shipping


Vendor Quality Audit

  • To ensure vendor’s integrity and their management responsibility
  • Checking of Quality Management system and processes
  • To minimise cost and improve quality


Vendor Expedition

  • Surveillance visits made to track the progress of ordered equipment
  • To reduce delays and speed up the fabrication process by identifying the issues 
  • To ensure that the delivery schedule will be met

Remote Inspection

  • Providing seamless inspection service
  • Covering inspection via attendance “Inspection Link”
  • Maintain business continuity & remote security with Global Cloud Proxy
  • Ensure inspectors remain secure while working from home under pandemic conditions

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