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third party vendor inspection is the evaluation of goods for quality control purposes by an independent and qualified third-party inspection entity, like Brunel. We help to conduct inspections during all stages of production to validate that vendor’s goods and products meet specifications, legal requirements as well as our client’s expectations.

Some of the benefits of conducting a third party vendor inspection are:

#1 Third Party Vendor Inspections Provides Unbiased Analysis

Third party vendor inspectors operate independently and are not affiliated with any factories or companies, as such, they will be able to provide an impartial and independent inspection report. This in turn results in a more precise, unbiased analysis of the quality of your goods.

#2 Third Party Vendor Inspections are Cost-effective

If the quantity of orders are not high enough to account for a permanent presence near the vendor’s factory, opting for a third party inspection service would be a more fitting choice as it can help lower costs significantly. Inspectors can travel to the vendor’s facility at any point in the production process, and clients will only be paying based on the “man-days” spent. With Brunel's global capability of more than 100 offices across 44 countries, we are able to build strong relationships locally and among international third party inspection vendors. We serve as a platform between professional and local inspectors with your selected vendor, anywhere around the world – saving you time and extra expenses.


On top of that, third party inspections of goods ensure that they meet the appropriate quality specifications. This prevents situations like delayed shipment, wasted materials or even a product recall happening, which ultimately leads to a loss in revenue.


#3 Qualified and Experienced Third Party Vendor Inspectors

Third party vendor inspectors are professionally trained and possess leading qualifications and years of experience when it comes to product inspections. Therefore, as an expert in quality control and inspection process, they are efficient in knowing what to look for during the inspection process.


There are numerous benefits to having your goods inspected by a third-party inspector.

Choosing the right third party inspection provider is a significant step in ensuring thorough quality control of your goods. Get in touch with to us today to see how Brunel can assist you as a third party vendor inspection provider.

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