Process Safety Management (PSM) Specialist


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About this role: Process Safety Management (PSM) Specialist

Job Description:

  • Implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM), including safety culture;
  • Implementation of Technical Safety Project documentation such as TSE philosophies, Asset Integrity - Process Safety (AI-PS) principles, Project Specification, TSE documentation;
  • Design, technical support and troubleshooting for upstream oil & gas operations;
  • Safety in design and engineering practices, with emphasis on inherently safer design, and the relevant industry standards (e.g. AP!, BS, !EC, NFPA);
  • Perform appropriate analysis techniques, including but not limited to:
    • Hazard Identification HAZID facilitation and Risk Register
      • Hazard Analyses using Bow-Tie, HAZOP & LOPA methodologies;
      • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), including the use of PHAST Risk software, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software;
      • Frequency analysis methodologies such as FTA, FMEA, & ETA

  • Perform Emergency preparedness, including scenario development, prevention; preparedness; response; recovery;
  • Perform Major Hazard Incident Investigation (involving fire or explosion);
  • Participate in preparing PSM communication tools and requirement such as e-mails, magazines newsletters /articles, awareness presentations, videos, posters, screen savers, campaigns etc;
  • Participate in Safety Critical Elements Identification, and Design & Develop Performance Standards


  • Technical interface with HSE regulators, insurers and other key external stakeholders;
  • Able to connect upstream oil and gas process hazards to equipment requirements;
  • Able to specify performance standards for safety critical systems;
  • Able to supply day to day operational support in mitigating risks;
  • Able to proactively apply engineering and problem solving skills to meet challenging process safety, safety and business objectives;
  • Able to work independently and in teams, both as a team member and leader.


Qualification and Experience:

  • B.Sc. in Mechanical/ Metallurgical / Chemical/ Petroleum / Electrical/ Instrument Engineering or equivalent;
  • 12 years professional experience required within an O&G operating company;
  • The PSM Specialist shall have a high level of knowledge and understanding of the following technical aspects (as a minimum):
  • Technical Safety Project documentation such as Technical Safety Project documentation (e.g. TSE philosophies, Asset Integrity - Process Safety (Al-PS) principles, Project Specification, TSE documentation);
  • Leak Path Reduction;
  • Layout Optimization;
  • Hazardous Area Classification;
  • Toxic Facility Classification Analysis;
  • Fire Protection Analysis;
  • Active Fire Protection Design;
  • Passive Fire Protection Design;
  • Fire Safety Assessment;
  • Flare Radiation, Toxic and Noise Assessment;
  • Design aspects like fire protection escalation mitigation, atmospheric relief (vents at safe location) and flare, Hazardous area classification, noise mitigation, F&G detector location, Cause and Effects, safeguarding memorandum, 3-D Model reviews;
  • Safety Critical Elements Identification, and Design Performance Standards;
  • ALARP Demonstration process;
  • Technical Pre-Start-Up Safety Reviews (PSSR);
  • PHSER;
  • Safe work practices and procedures: PTW, JSA; Management of Change, human error; human factors;
  • Fires and explosions: fundamentals; hazard evaluation, prevention and mitigation; codes and standards;
  • Alarm Management and Rationalization;
  • Hazardous Material Management;
  • PSM Communication.

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