SNR T&I Engineer Cable lay


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About this role: SNR T&I Engineer Cable lay

  • The job holder is accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behavior with regard to HSE rules & requirements and for implementing HSE rules within his area of responsibility.
  • The job holder is accountable for all technical and coordination activities under job dimension during project execution from end of FEED to completion of execution offshore, as follows:
    • Defining, implementing, managing and following up all necessary scopes and procedures related to subsea cable lay/loadout/transportations, lifting, surveys, CXings, branching unit setting 3rd party NOL and its shore pull in land fall and connection, and also at Platform side
    • Identify/manage all technical aspects for subsea cable, CXings interfaces Packages during FEED and during project execution between EPC packages for NFL project,
    • Technically manage all T&I related internal and external design, analysis and interfaces, schedule and budget with all parties during project execution in particular
      • Coordinate with other COMPANY and non COMPANY entities during FEED and EPC execution,
      • Coordinate technical matters between contractors and package leads,
      • Coordinate with MP/Engineering for execution of FEED and EPC phases,
      • Technically direct all parties under your remit and when specialist inputs required
      • Prepare and follow-up PR/Audit sessions during project execution
    • Assist Manager upon request on project management matters during project execution
    • For delivery of high quality engineering dossier for FEED and future EPC phase,
    • Report and liaise with Manager as needed

  • To promote & comply with applicable safety instructions and other COMPANY HSE procedures in all T&I activities,
  • To carry out work in compliance with COMPANY values and policies, relevant laws and regulations, agreed COMPANY priorities and objectives, COMPANY standards and procedures and good industry practices,
  • To treat all information obtained during course of the work with confidentiality,
  • To establish and manage a team during T&I activities execution which is highly motivated, skilled and works diligently to meet the Package requirements.
  • To establish lean management system in the T&I organization through training, deployment of lean tools and delivery of results.
  • To define the T&I package LOP budget and Work Time Schedule with objective to reduce the costs and optimize the duration and to ensure compliance with these up to Project close-out.
  • To provide Project Management guidance to T&I Contractor to efficiently control his transport and installation activities (from engineering till installation) and ensure proper coordination is made within involved Contractor’s entities (engineering, vendors, quality…) and various subcontractors.
  • To keep management regularly and properly informed on T&I package cost and schedule with forecast for the Project completion through an efficient reporting system.
  • To ensure consistence and correct interfacing with other areas during the various phase of EPC detailed design, procurement, fabrication, installation and animate dedicated transverse coordination between packages as required to ensure all requirements for T&I activities are complied.
  • To interface with Field Operations team members in developing SIMOPS and shutdown scope, philosophy and schedule for the site activities with regards to pipelines/cables, risers/J-tubes installation, including installation barge(s) positioning (clear plan to be developed to protect pipelines below).
  • To interface with fabrication yard(s) and T&I Contractor for the load-out of pipes/ cables, risers/ J-tubes, spools, installation aids and various appurtenances, in close cooperation with MWS.
  • To anticipate the offshore activities and ensure Contractor starts in due time preparation of the critical offshore activities (fleet mobilization, load-outs, offshore installation…).
  • In case of drift in schedule, liaise with other team involved (engineering, construction, commissioning) to study remedial actions.
  • Promote a “no change policy” to meet budget and schedule constraint without impairing quality and safety of T&I activities.
  • To manage assistance from shareholders specialists (remote head office), when required during all phases.
  • To define the Project contracting strategy and procurement (LLI) strategies if applicable.
  • To be involved in EPC tenders from preparation of contracting strategy, CFT and bid evaluations including to manage the technical and commercial analysis of offers for contractor selection for EPC.
  • To assist Project management to compile dossier and make presentation to obtain all necessary internal (validation committees TIF, TAC, CPC, CPAC) and external (Shareholders) approvals for Project contract awards.
  • To ensure timely finalization of T&I contractual documents and contract awards for EPC.
  • To manage Detail Engineering and T&I Works progress including follow-up of engineering and vendor standards and HSE regulation, international codes and classification society rules.
  • To promote value engineering with FEED Engineer in the facility design with objective to reduce Project capital expenditures.
  • To ensure, in collaboration with Engineering Manager that T&I engineering deliverables produced by EPC contractors are properly assigned to and reviewed by appropriately qualified Project personnel within the specified time period.
  • To ensure EPC contract management with regards to all technical, commercial and contractual issues arising during T&I Package execution and liaise with Project Manager on regular basis on that matters.
  • To encourage identification of any optimization/ improvement in the design dossier to be implemented in the early stage of concept design.
  • To ensure that T&I contractor queries are reviewed and responded in a timely manner.
  • To ensure implementation of the design change process affecting T&I activities.
  • To manage potential deviations from the COMPANY referential with the Engineering Manager for final decision on whether to implement.
  • To ensure engineering support to construction and commissioning teams as required.
  • To promote alternative solutions to reduce and to optimize the duration for offshore installation.
  • To ensure close coordination within team on all engineering, constructability and operational matters.
  • To ensure that relevant feedback from previous similar projects are considered for project works performance.
  • To setup and manage weekly and monthly meetings with T&I Contractor(s), and call specific ad hoc meetings as required.
  • To ensure Company participation in equipment FAT, SAT and other inspections at site/ vendor premises as required.
  • To ensure that all diving activities are compliant with COMPANY Standards, in close collaboration with the COMPANY Diving Technical Authority.
  • To ensure that all T&I activities are compliant with COMPANY standard, with the assistance of the MP Site Lifting Specialist and in close coordination with COMPANY CPLO.
  • To ensure that all T&I activities are compliant COMPANY Marine standards, in term of vessel’s inspection/ acceptance and Marine operations. This will be managed by the MP Marine Coordinator, who report to both Marine Dept and the Subsea T&I Engineer .
  • To ensure that all T&I vessel involved under CAR insurance are inspected and approved by the MWS, all relevant T&I procedures approved and that subsequent operations are done to the satisfaction of the MWS with relevant certificates of approval issued.
  • To participate on follow up on the Project progress and risk reporting.
  • To issue timely reply to various correspondences and issue correspondences on company concerns as required.
  • To manage close out of the all the stages of T&I activities from CFT till completion of the works, including settlement of any claims, transfer and archiving of final documentations and issuance of close out reports.
  • To act and manage its activities in a highly motivated attitude and works diligently to meet the Project requirements,
  • To carry out any other duty or task that may be assigned by hierarchical superiors.
  • To liaise with other interface engineers, all discipline engineers involved in the management of the NFL project and with contractor personnel handling technical design and interfaces. The job holder shall also make sure that non contractual obligations are properly addressed by EPC contractor.
  • To organize and/or attend technical interface meetings as necessary.
  • To ensure consistence and correct design compliance both under area of responsibility and with other areas during the various phase of EPC detailed design, procurement, fabrication, installation and animate dedicated transverse technical, schedule and cost coordination between packages as required to ensure all requirements for EPC activities are complied with.
  • To ensure timely review of documentation by COMPANY interfaces to identify clashes/conflicts
  • To manage technical communication interface with Other Operators during, FEED and EPCIC phases
  • Assist Put in place interface agreements / NOLs with Other Operators before start of FEED and or EXECUTE
  • To follow up 3rd party interfaces (ie Logistic) during FEED and EPCIC phases
  • To attend all interface-related meetings, including in particular interface workshops, HAZID / HAZOP meetings, meetings with Contractor(s), etc. in order to ensure the permanent control of the battery limits.
  • To organize, control and follow up process to have all deliverables timely issued by contractors for all interfaces, and to control the quality of these deliverables during FEED and EPCIC phases.
  • To assist EPCIC Contractor(s), as required, in the closing out of interfaces. To expedite the exchange of Interface Task Sheet involving Contractor(s) as necessary.
  • To ensure that EPCIC Contractors provide proper reporting of the progress of their interfaces activities and ensure subsequently report on progress of interface management process implementation to Project Manager and refer to him in the event of any deviation or conflict with proposed remedial actions.


  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering, eg Structural / Mechanical
  • Experience: At least 15 years’ experience in the offshore oil & gas project with minimum 10 years’ experience with T&I Engineering scopes,
  • Strong engineering background and be able to review engineering analysis linked to transportation and installation independently.
  • Experience of subsea installation of Cables, Umbilical, Flowlines, Risers in shallow water will be plus.
  • Experience of similar project during construction phase at yard will be a plus.
  • Experience within a project team: At least 5 years’ experience within large multinational taskforce team environment.
  • Track records of offshore attendance during pipeline/cable installation.
  • Experience in offshore facilities at conceptual and pre-FEED stage is a plus.
  • Available for technical missions worldwide,
  • Familiar with Total General Specifications, Manasa, MOQ standards and relevant codes and standards,
  • Language: Fluent English,
  • Computer literate,
  • Strong leadership skills and good communication skills,
  • Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment,
  • Good analytical skills,
    • H2S OPITO and T-BOSIET trainings


  • Salary:
    • Day Rate in USD Plus Allowance
  • Work Schedule:
    • 9 Hours / 6 Days
  • Duration:
    • 31-DEC-2024 with possible extension
  • Location:
    • Qatar

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