Brunel site manager at facility


Vacancy number • PUB408436


  • Qatar
  • Closes 24 June
  • 54 hours
  • Academic Bachelor

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About this job

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Area of expertise: Project Management & Services
  • Location: Qatar

What is required?

  • Hours per week: 54
  • Closing date: Monday, 24 June 2024


  • The purpose of the Job is to guarantee the proper preparation and execution of one MIE Project.

    As such, the job holder is accountable:

    • To ensure the proper preparation and execution of the Maintenance and Inspection Engineering (MIE) Project up to handover of MIEC deliverables to department.
    • To ensure follow-up of Maintenance Engineering activities in line with Maintenance & Inspection Engineering Contract (MIEC).
    • To ensure compliance of MIEC activities with the COMPANY specifications/standards and local legislation.
    • To guarantee that all the Maintainable and Inspectable equipment covered by the MIE Project are properly addressed.
    • For following-up the selection, supply chain and inspection of all Project operating spare parts and specific tools,
    • To ensure all the Project templates are uploaded for the platforms First Oil.
    • To guarantee that all the relevant spare parts are available in the warehouse for the platforms First Oil.
    • To co-ordinate Project MIEC activities in collaboration with MIE Contractor, the COMPANY Maintenance.
    • Department and Head of Maintenance and Inspection Engineering.
    • To act as interim Head of Maintenance and Inspection Engineering during his vacation and mission periods.
    • To follow-up the COMPANY method team clarifications requests on completed MIE Project.

About this role

  • HSEQ responsibilities:
    • Ensure compliance with the COMPANY Incident Free culture, Health and Safety and Environment Policy,
    • Support and enforce the project HSEQ management system (charters, objectives, directives, plans, procedures, and specifications etc.),
    • Promote HSEQ awareness of workforce at all levels through proactive attitude - site tour management at CTR yard, HSEQ meetings ensuring risks are identified, actions assigned and managed within Project team and Contractors,
    • Monitor work activities, especially areas where unsafe acts could occur and ensure that risks have been properly identified and assessed prior to work execution (Job Safety Analysis),
    • Ensure that potential failures, weaknesses, and hazards are immediately reported,
  • During Basic Engineering Phases:
    • Responsible for the preparation of Scope of Work (SOW) for the MIEC contract and assist with CFT preparation along with Field Operations Maintenance Engineering Team,
    • Ensure that all Maintenance and Inspection aspects are captured in the EPCIC contract CFT,
    • Review technical bids, prepare clarifications, and facilitate clarification meetings capturing comments of Bidders,
    • Prepare answers to Bidders technical clarifications,
    • Develop evaluation matrix and critique each bidder based on technical content and proposed personnel / organization,
    • Support the cost reduction initiative with providing C&P the requirements to challenge tenders bid, reducing the cost of the Contract,
  • MIEC General Responsibilities:
    • Approve the review of all technical deliverables issued by the MIE Project Contractor,
    • Lead the review of all contractual deliverables issued by the MIE Project Contractor,
    • Manage Project weekly and monthly meetings, following progress, taking decisions, and ensuring actions are closed out without delaying the Project,
    • Validate the Project Work Time Schedule update,
    • Review the progress measurement figures established by MIE contractor,
    • Challenge Project MIE Contractor for late delivery and any potential requirement for change orders,
    • Participate in MIEC workshops with Company Stakeholders to ensure alignment,
    • Manage quarterly REX with MIE Contractor, ensuring any lessons learnt are captured in REX register for implementation into future MIECs,
    • Participate to the Project Quality Review Audits and ensured any outcomes are captured, actioned and closed out,
  • MIEC Technical Responsibilities:
    • Responsible for developing new or updating existing M&I philosophies and strategies +spare parts recommendation strategy,
    • Accountable for Project MIE activities ensuring that schedule meets EPCIC and Company milestones and readiness for start-up with emphasis being on operating and capital spare part selection process and procurement, including inspection, shipment, delivery, and storage/preservation,
    • Accountable for the quality of the technical description for all spare parts.
    • Commissioning/start up, Capital and operational ensuring purchase requisition specification and relevant certification are correct,
    • Ensure the mass loading of PM data into the CMIMS and adequacy of deliverables for spare parts (capital / operational) and consumables as require,
    • Contribute to MIE contract final report and REX at the end of the project,
    • Responsible for Project handover to Field Operations Team for Maintenance and Inspection.
  • Project Responsibilities:
    • Manage Project as directed by Head of Maintenance and Inspection Engineering,
    • Manage project start-up,
    • Provide support as required to commissioning activities,
    • Facilitate efficient communication/information flow with Head of Maintenance and Inspection Engineering, Project team, stakeholders, and the COMPANY Maintenance department,
    • Contribute to the identification of training requirements regarding installed equipment and where required contribute to the arrangement of training with vendors for COMPANY personnel,
    • Contribute to the identification of new specific maintenance contracts to be used by operations for new equipment, write SOW and prepare for Call for Tender (CFT),
    • Ad-hoc activities as required by line manager,
    • All staff must be willing to participate in Crisis Response Training and to assist during Emergency Response Situations if required.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering.
  • Senior Maintenance or Inspection Engineer with at least 10 years of Oil and Gas experience including Operations experience.
  • Previous experience in the supervision of Maintenance and Inspection projects and or engineering
  • activities are required.
  • Leadership skills and good communication skills,
  • Good analytical skills,
  • Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment,
  • Experience with CMIMS,
  • Familiar with COMPANY standards, MANASA and relevant codes and standards,
  • Fluent in English (listening, writing, and speaking) and its technical vocabulary,
  • Computer literate,
  • Available for missions as necessitated by project,
  • Medically fit to travel to Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms,
  • H2S OPITO and T-BOSIET training.


  • Salary:
    • Day Rate in USD Plus Allowance
  • Work Schedule:
    • 9 Hours / 6 Days
  • Duration:
    • 31-July-2026, renewable
  • Location:
    • Qatar

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Brunel connects the most talented and experienced specialists with both present-day and pioneering projects. With 120+ offices and more than 12,000 specialists around the world, we deliver people and workforce services that transform global projects in Mining, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Life Sciences.

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