Your IT service desk sometimes needs extra help – with a new project, during holiday periods or at peak times, for example. We can provide temporary solutions to fill this need. Our qualified specialists are at your disposal, either on an interim basis or for longer periods. We can even take care of coaching your people and progress reporting.


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Multi-Client pool 

Our Multi-Client pool is your flexible workforce. Whenever you're faced with an unforeseen labor shortage, you’ll have access to flexible, highly experienced IT employees. Our quick replacements ensure that your service desk continues to operate normally.


Continuity service 

This is the ideal service if you’re looking for continuous staffing with a pre-agreed number of employees. In this case, we create a flexible workforce of service-desk staff who remain exclusively available for your company, and can be called up immediately to cover staffing gaps or an unexpected peak in business.



This option is the best of both worlds. We send a permanent pool of high-quality service desk staff to your company, with an expanded pool at peak times. You’re free to decide how much of the work is contracted out to Brunel employees, leaving you completely in control.


When co-sourcing, we look after:


planning and scheduling
optimisation and partial induction
organising education, training and on-the-job coaching
progress reports
knowledge sessions for employees and clients
a dedicated account manager for your company.

Co-sourcing offers quality and continuity in your departments, while at the same time creating flexibility for you.  

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