Technology makes so much possible, but you don’t necessarily need to embrace every innovation. What changes will result in actual improvements? And how can you ensure that your company retains maximum flexibility in this ever-changing environment? Our team can advise you on practical innovation and train your employees accordingly. After all, their level of commitment can make or break a successful change process. 

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Direct approach

Although improvement processes are often well prepared, we often see situations where the results fail to live up to expectations. We believe that a clearly defined objective is essential for making an improvement initiative successful – which is why we always start with a close look at the current vision. After determining a zero baseline, we decide on the next level of ambition with you and then translate this into practical targets. We employ a short-cyclical, iterative methodology for further development and monitoring.

Training and coaching

Engaging your team with change is often a challenge. They have their hands full with their daily activities and don’t always have time to stop and stare at the horizon. We believe that the intrinsic motivation of employees is the only way to successfully implement a change process – we can provide this through mentoring, training and coaching, ensuring that your team fully and enthusiastically embraces the new working method.

Our services

Brunel Consultancy & training provides the following services:


  • Zero baseline and advice
  • IT road mapping
  • Process optimisation
  • Project management
  • Knowledge management
  • Information management
  • Workshops, training and coaching

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Together we’ll discuss which services are most valuable for your business operations, depending on your needs. Our specialists can then work intensively with you during the entire process.