About Brunel 

Our founder Jan Brand began making his technological expertise available to Dutch companies on a project basis in 1975. In so doing, he pioneered a new way of working. His goal? To give companies greater flexibility and drive technological progress. To this day, his vision and his pioneering spirit remain fundamental to our varied and sustainable activities – locally, regionally and worldwide. In German-speaking Europe and the Czech Republic, Brunel is represented by more than 2,800 engineering, IT and other technical specialists. Around the globe, our network today numbers over 12,000 specialists at more than 120 offices in 40 countries.


We know and analyse the needs of both our clients and our staff and candidates. We do this for two key reasons: to ensure the successful completion of demanding engineering and IT projects; and to shape successful career trajectories. All of which is subsumed under our value proposition: Connecting Specialists to Pioneering Projects.

We experience a new every day: companies with a decentralised organisational structure have to strive significantly more to ensure that the corporate culture reaches every single employee. This only succeeds if it is lived by everyone.

Markus Eckhardt 

General Manager, Brunel GmbH 

Our culture and values: Togetherness makes the difference 

Togetherness makes the difference

We are proud of the culture we have nurtured over the years and live out every day. Shaped by key personalities at Brunel, we live out positive togetherness in a spirit of openness and authentic communication. We are discoverers, developers and entrepreneurs, following the example of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the agile, inventive and courageous pioneer of engineering after whom we are named. Like him, we love a challenge!


We are also people from many nations with activities that span the globe. What unites us is our commitment to quality and mutual respect – along with our core values:



Whatever we do, we do to a quality standard that satisfies our clients’ exacting demands. Only then can we achieve economic performance that aligns with our personal and entrepreneurial expectations. We share a common will to pursue and surpass the goals we set ourselves with sharp focus and keen motivation.


Results driven

This ambition is no coincidence: Results-driven action and the will to succeed are vital to reaching one’s goal by the shortest path. But where do we find the motivation to constantly strive for top performance? Where do we find people who possess this innate personal energy? Well, we have a knack for finding people who are simply like this. And once we have found them, we both support them and spur them on to excel themselves.



An atmosphere of trust, personal responsibility, lived-out creativity and unswerving integrity gives us the freedom to act on a high level. We have the knowledge and the capabilities. So, we go ahead and do what we do – always with full legal compliance.


Passion for people

We are Brunel. Our roots are in all those people who have led this company, developed it and shaped our culture. Our future lies with all those who live out this culture, making Brunel a special place to be day in, day out. We safeguard this future by encouraging people to share their thoughts, ideas and methods, but also by cultivating cross-cultural and interpersonal understanding.

Many faces, one team

There are more than 2,800 of us, spread across over 40 offices in German-speaking Europe and the Czech Republic. But that all adds up to just one team – thanks to our shared values, but also the commitment we share to both the environment and society. We also regularly bring our people together to engage in a variety of events, campaigns and traditional gatherings.


Each office has its own regular social events where project staff can get together informally. We use these occasions to pool ideas and discuss technical issues, but above all simply to have a good time together.


In addition to these regular social events, our internal communication platform CONNECT keeps the lines open between all Brunellers. Thanks to this platform, everyone can forge networks, access important news about the company, find out about our individual locations and retrieve documents for their everyday work – at any time and from anywhere in the world.

A company’s culture is reflected less in the grand gestures and more in lots of little things. For example, I can approach the assigned contact person at my local office at any time. And they are always there with a listening ear and a willingness to help. For me as a career beginner, that is tremendously valuable. I am especially impressed by Brunel’s ‘results-driven’ value: At the end of the day, I too want to be proud of the results I have achieved.

Christian Vogt 

Project Engineer at Brunel