Brunel GmbH is one of the leading engineering service providers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Our engineers, IT specialists, technicians and managers are permanently employed by Brunel. On a project basis, they are temporarily leased out to clients or deployed on work or service contracts in the fields of engineering and IT.


While we all have different roles and activities, ultimately we all work together and are instrumental in driving technological progress.

Engineering and IT

We assign staff to clients’ projects, setting them on career paths that take them through challenging assignments at big-name companies in the high-tech space. At every link in the entire process chain and in all phases of product development, they operate on the very cutting edge of development and are actively involved in shaping the future.


Our sales staff serve as the link between clients and candidates. In this capacity, they are crucial to the success of the company. At Brunel, account management is a fascinating challenge precisely because of the variation it involves: acquiring and caring for clients on the one hand, while also systematically recruiting people, matching them to exciting projects and thus opening up attractive career prospects for coveted specialists.

Behind the scenes, Brunel’s administrative team lay a firm foundation on which our sales team and project staff to breathe life into the company’s business model in so many different ways – for the benefit of our clients and the advancement of technological innovation.


We are all different. We all have different skills and abilities. But we are all Brunel.

Signing up with an engineering service provider is beneficial in many ways – not just for fresh graduates and young professionals, but also for experienced experts. Delivering outstanding, intelligent and sustainable solutions for the technology sector gives a sense of purpose and fulfilment, while also genuinely adding value for our clients and staff alike. Moreover, today’s fast-moving markets require employees and employers to be increasingly flexible and agile. Engineering service providers in particular are ideally placed to meet the resultant growing demand for project-based, specialised expertise.

We are looking for people who can do a lot, achieve a lot and expect a lot.

Markus Eckhardt

General Manager, Brunel GmbH

Rising to the challenge of sustainable responsibility

As a company with a global reach, we shoulder responsibility towards our own people, but also towards society and the environment. And these are not empty words: We live out this responsibility in practical ways, day after day, because our very business model – matching people to meaningful work – is itself intrinsically sustainable. Varied and inclusive teams in which every member feels welcomed and useful are the engine that drives all our activities.

Our commitment to the environment and to society is documented in our Environmental Social-Governance-Strategie (ESG). In this strategy, we explicitly commit ourselves to sustainable business practices, to protecting and conserving the environment – and hence to enabling a better future for coming generations. This commitment is backed up and lived out by initiatives and projects at Brunel’s offices around the world.