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United Arab Emirates - Oil, Gas & Mining - Oil & Gas - Project Management & Services - Academic Bachelor

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Elaine Nina S Gregorio, Account manager

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About this role

Responsible for:
  • in close cooperation with OD, COO everything that is required to perform his tasks properly;
  • Responsible to deliver project successfully within project requirements;
  • Translation of the Company's policy towards the Employees, Engineer and Third Parties;
  • Organization and Supervision of the Execution of the Works described in the Contract;
  • Ensuring all legal and Contractual requirements of the Contract;
  • Reporting to Head Office;
  • Immediate reporting of accidents or particular events;
  • Responsible for the safety and health of the employees and Subcontractors, including the environmental performance;
  • Execution of the work in accordance with the local environmental prescriptions and regulations;
  • Defend the Company's viewpoints;
  • Delegate tasks towards the site staff;
  • Study and implement methods increasing productions.

    Project Manager Responsibilities and accountabilities towards HSE

  • The head of the line management is the PM. He is the leader to the Project Management Team and is supported by the Project HSE Representative for HSE matters. All staff with management responsibilities shall demonstrate their commitment to the continual improvement of the HSE performance;
  • The ultimate responsibility and accountability for occupational health and safety on the project rests with the Project Manager.


  • His objective is to organize, manage, monitor and control the project organization, execution and budget in order to undertake the scope of work and achieve standards of quality, schedule and costs as laid down in the Contract in the interests of COMPANY with relation to the Contract.

    Accountabilities towards HSE

    The PM is responsible for all project activities, including HSE. He will be the main interface with CLIENT for all matters.

  • The Project Manager implements the policy by:
    • Setting an example for his colleagues by his own behavior and approach regarding HSE matters Ensuring the availability of an effective OHSMS [Occupational Health and Safety Management System] and the implementation of this System;
    • Asking the HSE Management (on corporate as well as on project level) for advice;
    • Ensuring that risks and impacts are properly communicated to all supervisors and workers, and that work is carried out safely on a daily basis;
    • Verifying whether the different tasks are performed by qualified and competent personnel; Making sure that the project activities comply with HSE regulations and requirements;
    • Carrying out inspections, reporting of nonconformities and ensuring that these are followed up;
    • Ensuring that all employees understand the HSE regulations;
    • Applying the same instructions to suppliers/Sub-contractors;
    • Ensuring that accidents, near-misses and hazardous situations are investigated and corrective actions are taken;
    • Participating in Internal and External Audits;
    • Ensuring that appropriate technical and financial resources are made available to support the
    • OHSMS;
    • Proposing measures to prevent risks for personnel.
    • Responsibilities towards emergency response are defined in the Emergency Response Plan.


  • Planning:
    • Setup Operational planning;
    • Setup project team;
    • Setup Operational Budget <-> tender Budget Setup Mobilization/Demobilization plan Organizing:
    • Mobilization/Demobilization the site structure (personnel) the execution program contacts with Employer, Engineer, Third Parties the site administration (financial, legal, accountancy, HSE) the reporting towards Head Office the commercial prospection for future Works.
  • Deciding:
    • In conflicts due to human relations between site staff and labor about execution program, difficulties, changes in methods, etc...;
    • Precedence in works of subcontractors, J.V. partners in all matters directly related to a proper execution of the Works, in compliance with the requirements of the Contract.
  • Delegating:
    • According to organization chart of Personnel, delegates power to:
    • Works manager, superintendents for daily execution of the Works;
    • Administrator, or Account for administrative matters (Financial, Fiscal, Accountancy, Legal, Contractual...);
    • Surveyor for the positioning of the Works and follow-up of measurements;
    • Technical Manager for maintenance and repair of the Equipment Local Agent for typical local matters.
  • Executing:
    • translate the Company's policy towards the Employer, Engineer and Third Parties;
    • reporting to the Head Office;
    • applications for payments;
    • daily correspondence and contacts with Client and Third Parties;
    • ensuring all legal and contractual requirements for efficient administration of the contract;
    • Managing the Site Team (daily meetings) establish the final report of the Project pertaining to performance, production, soil data and other price influencing elements.
  • Controlling:
    • the accounts invoices, financial results of site the Progress of the Works, own works and subcontractor's work the daily activities of the site staff the activities of the local agent and outside lawyers, accountants, etc...;
    • import and export of equipment/vessels, spare parts, consumables performance of labor (number and rates).

      Authorities Project Manager:

    • Delegate tasks in the Project organization;
    • Approve: project documents, project organization charts, vendor documents, job descriptions, construction program, project budgets, project audit reports, training, Nonconformity disposition, material requisitions, engineering requisitions, suppliers, project recruitment, expenditure, progress claims, variation notices;
    • Sign: Subcontracts, correspondence with CLIENT, correspondence to Sub-contractors, monthly reports, purchase orders and approve invoices;
    • Approve documents and drawings;
    • Approve recruitment and termination of Contract and wages of personnel;
    • Stop construction activity and close out OH's;
    • Represent COMPANY and the PMT in all meetings and matters retaining to the Contract with respect to the CLIENT and any third party.

      Specific tasks concerning HSE:

    • To carry out HSE - Inspections (monthly);
    • Organizing toolbox - meetings or delegating them to superintendents and foreman / supervisors(monthly).

      Commitment of PM towards the Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

    • Demonstrating leadership and accountability towards safety by actively taking part in HSE meetings (e.g. inspections and audits; Incident Investigations; development of Safe Work Practices; Job Hazard Analysis; Risk & Impact Assessments);
    • Ensure the availability of the Policy and its communication to all persons working on the project site;
    • Ensure the availability of resources to set up, implement, maintain and improve the EMS and OHSMS;
    • Designate a person of the PMT as Project HSE Representative who has the defined responsibility and authority for implementing the EMS and OHSMS;
    • Demonstrate his commitment towards continual improvement of the EMS and OHSMS performance and towards prevention of pollution;
    • Take part in the review of the EMS and OHSMS to ensure their continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. This review shall be done by means of a Management Review Meeting and/or during other relevant meetings.

About you

Educational Qualifications & Certifications

  • Master or Civil Engineer in Construction, Mechanical, Marine Engineering;
  • An online Engineering Degree is not valid.

Behavioral skills

  • Act as role model in the division;
  • Show respect, flexibility and loyalty towards colleagues throughout the organization;
  • Communicate constructively and effectively with all levels within and outside the organization orally and in writing. Actively listen and be persuasive in reasoning;
  • Manage conflict, solve problems and mediate between different interests of multiple culture;
  • Motivate and inspire colleagues to develop knowledge, skills and competencies. Provide objective and constructive feedback in an appropriate way;
  • Initiate and stimulate horizontal (between departments and vertical (within the different departments) cooperation in the organization;
  • Be able to manage personnel with different cultural backgrounds;
  • Drive the change and innovation of the division;
  • Be able to identify and mitigate risks within the scope of the division and related to other division/departments interfaces;
  • Stimulate a result-oriented organizational culture by regularly sharing the division's performance and results;
  • Be able to translate department targets into concrete and measurable goals for the division for a timely achievement of goals;
  • Take ownership of own objectives agreed upon and of the objectives of the division;
  • Investigate, understand and respond to the needs of internal and external stakeholders. Build and maintain strategically important client and contractor relations.

    Relevant Profile Experience


  • Technical, financial, administrative proven experience for conducting foreign sites and dredging activities Strong contractual understanding;
  • High financial insight of project budget control;
  • Strong analytic capability Leadership capabilities;
  • Organizational / Managerial skills;
  • Construction skills;
  • To be able to lead and motivate project team;
  • Ability to work autonomous.


  • Vacancy number: PUB220489
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Market: Oil, Gas & Mining
  • hours per week: 60
  • Branche: Oil & Gas
  • Education level: Academic Bachelor
  • Area of Expertise: Project Management & Services
  • Closing date: Sunday, September 1, 2019
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Feel free to contact


Elaine Nina S Gregorio

Account manager Brunel Energy Qatar Doha

+974 44 666 275

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