Amur Project & Kemerovo Hydrogen Project

Locations: Munich, Germany and Kemerova & Amur Regions, Russia

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Amur Project & Kemerovo Hydrogen Project Overview

Our client will provide technology for the cracker at Sibur’s long-planned Amur Gas Chemical Complex (GCC), an integrated 1.5 million-tonnes/year polyethylene and polypropylene production complex to be built near Svobodny in Russia’s far-east Amur region.

Equipment and technology for the Kemerova hydrogen unit is provided by the client (Germany). It will allow producing hydrogen from natural gas instead of a hydronitric mixture. Steam (methane) reforming used for producing syngas by reaction of hydrocarbons with water.

Work Scope

Our client has been awarded a contract to provide engineering, procurement and site services based on its proprietary technology for the cracker unit of Sibur’s Amur Gas Chemical Complex. The services will be provided as part of a consortium with Nipigas. The Kemerovo Azot Project is investing in hydrogen building new facilities, nitric acid and hydrogen units. 

Brunel project team

Brunel was awarded the contract by our client to provide project engineering and construction supervision services mobilizing teams up to 50-60 throughout the peak years and all phases:

  • Project Engineering & Design (E&D)
  • Data and documentation management
  • Process Safety Design input to PID
  • Risk Study Engineering Support (coordination, execution, action follow-up)
  • Project Services / Project Controls
  • Construction Supervision & (Vendor) Inspection
  • QA / QC (dealing with different standards, most Russian, TR, CU)
  • HSSE Advisors
  • Commissioning and pre-commissioning
  • Preparation of the first draft of the inspection and test plan for Phase 1 of the Amur plant

Engineering and commissioning preparation of Steam Reforming Unit for hydrogen generation:

  • PID Check on completeness and correctness of the installation
  • Checking the pipelines for compliance with client standards
  • Check the function and calibration of all instruments


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