Looking for a career in renewable energy?

Energy transition from fossil fuels to solar, hydrogen and wind

The world is investing ever larger sums into reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. Massive project developments and a huge amount of R&D into new technologies are helping provide solutions to meeting the energy needs of businesses and people.

If you want to combine an interesting and challenging career with helping protect the planet’s future, then this could be the career for you.

Renewable energy jobs

Across the board, there are groups of jobs and skills which all renewable energy projects can use:

■ Engineering & Design
■ Project Management
■ Operations & Maintenance
■ Regulatory
■ Quality Control
■ Development Finance
■ Electrical, Controls Systems and Instrumentation

There are several different sectors you could work in, such as Energy-from-Waste (EfW), Geothermal or the Green Hydrogen industry, but the two biggest are Wind and Solar.

Wind Energy Careers

The wind industry has two major areas: onshore and offshore. Offshore wind farms are generally much larger, involving more investment and time to develop, but also generate much more power. 
Roles and careers are varied, moving from the initial development of a project through to its eventual decommissioning. Mainly, people will work in planning and overseeing the installation, improvement, and operation of an offshore wind farm.

Well over 50 different skills or jobs are needed to create and manage an offshore wind farm, some of which are:

■ Project Development
■ Client Representative
■ HSE Supervisor
■ Vessel Operators
■ Wind Technicians
■ Control Systems Engineers
■ Power Transmission & Distribution Engineers
■ Subsea Cable Design, Installation and Maintenance

Solar Energy Careers

The solar industry has seen amazing growth and technological development in recent years. It has been estimated that every hour, the sun provides enough power to meet the annual consumption of the world. The question is how to harness that immense energy source.

There are two main types of solar energy technology: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic. Each has its own specialisms when it comes to the skills needed, although there are many similarities.

Common jobs are:

■ Research & Development, particularly in Materials Science
■ Solar Power Engineering
■ Solar panel manufacturing
■ Solar Plant Development
■ Solar Plant Construction

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