Technical Training for Staff & Consultants

Replenishing the critical shortage of IKT3-certified engineers

The number of certified inspectors with an IKT3 license is at an all-time low, creating significant problems since IKT3 engineers play an important role in guaranteeing the safety, compliance and operational availability of a plant. To ensure there is enough professional talent to fill this gap, Brunel has developed a traineeship to upgrade engineers with the right profile to certified IKT3 engineers over a period of three years.

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Training IKT3-Certified Inspectors

Certified inspectors are crucial for the safe and economically responsible operation of installations and plants. The lack of IKT3 certified engineers represents a structural shortage for this type of specialization in many industries, including the petrochemical, energy and offshore sectors.


Training While Working

The Brunel cross-training program offers potential engineers the chance to improve their skillset while at the same time providing a necessary addition to the small pool of present IKT3 certified engineers.


Combining Theory with Real Practice

The three-year training program consists of workshops, lectures, practical training sessions and demonstrations. After Brunel provides theoretic sessions, trainees can put their knowledge into action during active exercises and demonstrations in a live, supervised technical environment.


Using Our Expertise to Recruit the Next Experts

Thanks to Brunel’s vast history and connection with the labor market, we have developed a unique skill pool of entry-level candidates and can quickly recruit them for the traineeship.

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A Gateway to More than IKT3

The Brunel IKT3 program answers a specific need for many sectors. Aside from the required skills relevant for an IKT3 certificate, trainees are coached in both personal and professional growth. Our IKT3 training provides a solid basis for a number of related functions within maintenance and engineering departments, guaranteeing any trainee a bright future in the processing industry.