Maintenance Excellence Training

Teaching critical maintenance skills in a constantly evolving industry

Today’s manufacturing industry faces many challenges. Industrial assets continue to need upgrading and replacing, and increased globalization threatens Western industrial prosperity. The introduction of complex technology and digitalized manufacturing means employees require new skills and specialized maintenance training.

Together with our experienced partners, Brunel’s Maintenance Excellence Training helps our clients worldwide improve their asset performance, realize their production goals and enhance their operational strategy — allowing them to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding market. 

Benefits of Maintenance Excellence Training

  • Increased quality standards for machinery production
  • Improved asset and maintenance performance
  • Reduced downtimes and associated costs
  • Less risk and more compliancy 
  • Sharing of best practices 
  • Solution addressing the quickly growing shortage of highly qualified and trained maintenance engineers

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Run and Maintain

One way to counteract the threat of low-wage countries offering more capabilities is by lengthening the service life of your equipment. The Maintenance Excellence training focuses on how to professionally maintain all assets to maximize lifespan.


Digitalized Manufacturing Means More Complex Equipment Maintenance

The emergence of new technology means manufacturing companies must create a more highly-trained and specialised workforce, giving opportunities to learn new skills and understand processes in more detail.

Oil and Gas

Streamlined Equipment and Efficient Workforce

Efficient maintenance is key for optimal production performance. By streamlining maintenance processes and teaching how to work in a more Lean environment, we can assist your team in reaching improved maintenance standards.

Data Protection

Time and Money Saved through Preventative Maintenance

Failure of production equipment/systems is very expensive — investing in proper maintenance training for your workforce prevents equipment breakdowns, saves money, and maintains legal compliancy.


Services Worldwide

Brunel’s Maintenance Excellence Centre offers additional services such as Project Support, Staffing, Turnaround Management, Consultancy, Recruitment and Global Mobility.