Vendor Management

When projects are large-scale or full of contingencies, vendor management is key to reducing risks and costs. Brunel provides you turnkey vendor management solutions that consolidate administration, assess and mitigate risks and plan for every contingency. You can rely on Brunel to provide the right solution to get the job done.

Our Commitment

Brunel makes sure vendor services are on time, and costs and risks are minimised. You always get the right services at the right time. We tailor an implementation plan to your specific needs, facilitate efficient rollout and provide ongoing support. Already have a Vendor Management System? We will work as efficiently in yours as we do in our own.

Take control of your vendor management

Business continuity requires efficient processes. As your vendors’ first point of contact, we manage every step of the process – from contracts to payment. We handle all certification and licensing and provide ongoing support for your entire Vendor Management System. Our analysis and consulting services clearly identify your needs. And we will tailor our solutions to those needs, so our solutions are cost-effective.

Consolidate multiple industries locally

When incidents occur, you need fast and effective solutions. Brunel has local offices in 40 countries, so we can offer much more than standard VMS support. We are your partner and coordinator in day-to-day operations and can mitigate incidents before they occur. Our local presence and resources mean you have partners on-site who put your needs first. In complex or fluid project phases, our contingency planning and clear communication will keep you ahead of any eventualities.

Implement, operate and embed your VMS

A VMS is only effective if it saves you time, money and effort. We can implement and operate your own VMS or offer you access to our own. Either way, we will ensure that vendor management is completely embedded in your organisation. From training and implementation to project and risk management coordination. From cost management to contingency assessment. Our online and on-site support ensures that contingency costs are managed, risks are addressed, and projects run effectively.

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