Recruitment and HR services

Whether you need to grow or expand your workforce or (temporarily) hand over your HR responsibilities, Brunel is here to support you. Whether you need to inject knowledge into your business or increase your time and flexibility, we can take care of your people so that you can take care of your business.

Our Commitment

Whatever your sourcing challenges, Brunel has solutions. Our international community connects you with local cultures and talents. We ensure compliance with local legislation. We manage local taxes and insurance. And we give you access to a global workforce. We handle all the details, so your staffing remains carefree and streamlined.

Expand your workforce and capabilities

Whether you need to add more employees or expand knowledge within your current workforce, our services bring flexibility and sustainability. From generalists to specialists. From secondments to flexible staffing. From junior positions to high-level leadership. From local teams to expats. We have the right community of professionals to help you achieve success.

Find the right people for the right jobs

From recruitment to placement, our services ensure that every member of your workforce is cared for - on a project, team and individual level. Need onshore or offshore trade and craft labour? You’re covered. Searching for the right senior manager, chemist or financial specialist? We quickly deliver the right match.

Equip your teams with the knowledge they need

We ensure your (international) workforce is ready to operate in their new location. We offer local and global training programs, language and cultural training and project or client specific training. Your staff will understand what’s expected of them and how to provide it.

Make the process carefree

Adding expats to your team may increase complexity, but we have what it takes to manage it. From payroll to taxes, from timesheets to salaries, and from safety screenings to on-boarding and administration. Brunel removes the burden of recruitment and HR, so you can focus on your business, goals and projects.

Ensure your local presence excels globally

We don’t just offer you access to local labour forces. We also help eliminate any obstacles so people can get to work without the extra admin. We ensure complete compliance with local legislation and business entity requirements, and integrate your business into the local economy. All to make your business a worldwide quality benchmark.

Other services of Brunel

  • Global Mobility

  • Health, Safety and Environment Consultancy

  • Vendor Management