Outstanding maintenance for equipment that lasts

Equipment maintenance is daunting but unavoidable. Industrial companies have a regulatory requirement to perform extensive equipment maintenance every four years — with the increasing shortage of qualified personnel to manage and execute these vital shutdowns and turnarounds, Brunel Industry Services (BIS) stands out in its ability to provide the vital maintenance services your equipment needs to thrive.

In the U.S., Brunel Industry Services (BIS) is a full-service turn¬key construction company providing plant maintenance, turnarounds and pipeline maintenance within the industrial, pipeline, power and municipality business sectors.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Equipment negligence is a risk that can lead to operational disturbances, health hazards, and breakdowns; prevention is key. Brunel Industry Services (BIS)’s long-standing construction expertise combined with Brunel’s global resources creates a unique and sustainable solution, turning maintenance from daunting to empowering.

Custom Maintenance Solutions

BIS offers custom maintenance solutions in three key components: Brunel Industry and Pipeline Services (General Contracting); WRAP Scaffolding and Insulation Services; and SURGE Electrical and Instrumentation Services. Other specialty construction services include field/shop specialty welding and installation, structural steel field/shop fabrication and installation, tower revamp, civil construction, insulation and scaffolding, and instrumentation and electrical services.

Expertise in Large and Small Projects

In an increasingly shorthanded market, BIS stands out in its ability to provide Customizable Service Packages — excelling in both large project workloads and small project needs. From “one-stop shop” delivery to custom services for more specific needs, we execute projects ranging from $5 to $100M.

Other Brunel Services

  • Construction

  • Maintenance Excellence Training

  • Third Party (TPI) Vendor Inspection