Structures and equipment built to last

There is an increasing market shortage for high-quality construction services capable of covering all aspects of the construction process — hiring the wrong people can result in time and money wasted.

In the U.S., Brunel Industry Services (BIS) stands out as a full-service turnkey construction company capable of transforming your most challenging construction projects from stressful and incomplete to sustainable and profitable.

We offer capital project construction, pipeline construction, equipment installation, wastewater treatment and plant construction within the industrial, pipeline, power and municipality business sectors.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Brunel Industry Services (BIS)’s long-standing construction expertise combined with Brunel’s global resources creates a unique and sustainable construction solution in an increasingly sparse market. BIS helps clients realize their global development potential through utilizing Brunel’s strong, local partnerships. Our network of local specialists define, inform and evaluate project parameters in compliance with domestic laws and regulations.

Custom Construction Solutions

BIS offers custom construction solutions in three key components: Brunel Industry and Pipeline Services (General Contracting); WRAP Scaffolding and Insulation Services; and SURGE Electrical and Instrumentation Services. Other specialty construction services include field/shop specialty welding and installation, structural steel field/shop fabrication and installation, tower revamp, civil construction, insulation and scaffolding, and instrumentation and electrical services.

All Services at Once

In an increasingly shorthanded market, BIS stands out in its ability to simultaneously provide GC, specialized scaffolding/coating and electrical & instrumentation services — saving you valuable time and resources.

Expertise in Large and Small Projects

Brunel excels in both large workloads and small project needs — from “one-stop shop” delivery to custom services for more specific needs, we execute projects ranging from $5 to $100M.

Other Brunel Services

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

  • Maintenance

  • Offshore