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Hassle-free provision for your team, no matter where they are

Operating at remote site locations can come with unforeseen complex technical and logistic challenges. Large teams require standardized, cost-effective food, accommodation and transport (FAT) services to ensure their productivity, well-being and work efficiency. Brunel’s all-in-one FAT services provide the right team for the job while covering all of their physical needs, removing the burden and hassle from remote site operations.

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One Vendor Covering Every FAT Need

By providing all FAT services combined, we relieve the stress and responsibility of sourcing multiple vendors to supply every service individually at premium costs. This all-inclusive billing rate saves you both administrative time and money.


Convenient Sites and Guaranteed Transportation

Our camps are located close to the nearest industrial city, with transportation services standing by to make sure your crew arrives on time. In case of unforeseen changes, we always ensure necessary backups for both workforce and transportation are arranged.

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Personnel Included in a One-Package Deal

Provision of personnel at every level of the corporate spectrum is included in our FAT services, including all necessary permits and licenses — billed together in one, all-inclusive rate for your convenience. No more worrying about additional allowances, cumbersome administration or logistic hassles associated with handling these services separately.

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Always Standardized and Compliant

Brunel’s FAT services are always compliant with client pre-approved standardization, giving you confidence and peace of mind.