Locations: Quebec & Ontario, Canada

Project Overview

In 2012, Sanofi Canada needed a provider to assume a small group of contractors within the Medical Affairs group at their head office in Quebec. They wanted a company with a strong understanding of Life Sciences to provide further resource growth when necessary.It was also important that they understood culturally both Canada and Quebec.

We successfully re-branded the contractors to Brunel and have since grown to work with other departments and locations. We now recruit for many different arms of Sanofi Canada, including Sanofi Pasteur in Ontario. We have been quick to adapt to various needs of Sanofi as they have evolved over time. This includes working in different departments and developing various contractual parameters to allow business continuity and success beyond what was originally envisioned. This flexibility has allowed Sanofi to benefit from Brunel’s strong Life Sciences network and continue moving their business forward.

Client Challenges

Sanofi had contractors through other vendors in their head office in Quebec, but needed to streamline to one managed service that could provide them with professional support in the Life Sciences division. With candidates having been recently re-branded, they wanted to eliminate any disruption to the candidates throughout the transition. As they grow, future recruitment support will be required to staff their teams within Sanofi Canada and their subsidiaries.


We have made it a priority to build relationships with all of our field contractors and make sure open lines of communication are there. Strong relationships with both contractor and client is the key to business continuity and trust amongst all parties. This successful and ongoing process was implemented at Sanofi and has allowed us to grow the partnership within many departments and with many different managers throughout Sanofi.

Job Categories

■ Medical
■ Regulatory and Quality
■ Pharmacovigilance
■ Technical Writing
■ Scientists
■ Validation
■ Production and SupplyChain
■ Engineering 

Services provided by Brunel

■ Compliance
■ Contract & Direct Hire
■ Employment Services
■ Global Mobility
■ Immigration
■ Talent Acquisition and Mapping
■ Travel and Logistics