Global Patient Safety – Risk Management Expert


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About this job

  • Market: Life Sciences & Health Care
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Area of expertise: Clinical
  • Location: Ontario

What is required?

  • Hours per week: 37.5
  • Education level: Academic Master +
  • Closing date: Sunday, March 12, 2023

About this role: Global Patient Safety – Risk Management Expert


We are currently hiring a Global Patient Safety – Risk Management Expert (RME) for our client. The RME is tasked with providing risk management expertise for company products, especially for investigational products and/or high-risk profile marketed products and/or with complex regulatory / safety situations, elaborating risk management strategy and managing external interfaces with partners and/or regulators and/or other experts. The incumbent has a mentorship role for new executives or team members with less experience or fellowships. The individual will develop the global risk management strategies to optimize the benefit-risk profile, for initial submissions or marketed products in coordination with relevant functions (e.g., pharmacovigilance, epidemiology, medical, regulator, marketing/commercial) interacting with regulators or external experts, and ultimately obtains endorsement from appropriate senior committee(s).


  • Provides expertise & leadership in pre and post marketing risk management for investigational and marketed products supporting global, regional, and local teams, aiming at patient safety
  • Develops the global risk management strategies to optimize the benefit-risk profile, for initial submissions or marketed products in coordination with relevant functions (e.g., pharmacovigilance, epidemiology, medical, regulator, marketing/commercial) interacting with regulators or external experts, and ultimately obtains endorsement from appropriate senior committee(s)
  • Ensures development of RMP document (regulatory document of submission dossier) leading a cross-functional team (e.g., RMP task force satellite of the product submission task force)
  • Supervises globally the appropriate implementation of risk minimization activities beyond routine for concerned products, using a validated electronic tracking system to monitor the local implementation data in collaboration with a cross functional team (regulatory, medical, pharmacovigilance and marketing/commercial)
  • Manages external interfaces with partners for investigational products and/or marketed products
  • Participates as subject expert matter (SME) for process (complying to regulatory requirements) to inspections/ audits
  • Operates an oversight of the outsourced RMP related activities for concerned products or territories, as applicable
  • Acts as primary contact or subject matter expert for the RMP Team on specific topics (e.g., SDEA or electronic tracking system or RMP related quality documents)
  • Delivers RMP trainings to internal and/or external audience
  • The RME located in North America (NA) has a specific role of primary interface/liaison with the US Safety team dedicated to Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy (REMS) of products under development and marketed products, as well as the Canadian Risk Management Team. In addition, this RME addresses any RMP related questions raising from other America’s regions, and vice versa conveys to the global RMP Team any specific requirements of the FDA/Health Canada or Latin American Agencies, that would impact on RMP activities more globally

    Risk management expertise for projects/products (medicinal products):

  • Provides expertise and support to internal or external team representatives for elaboration of the company core risk management strategy (CC-RMS) for products at all stages of the product life cycle (development and post marketing phases). In particular: Provides expertise in risk management including risk characterization and impacts of risks, risk assessment, risk minimization and measurement of the effectiveness of risk minimization activities.
  • Determines the appropriate risk minimization measures in post marketing setting to ensure patient safety considering benefit/risk assessment in coordination with relevant functions (pharmacovigilance, epidemiology, medical, regulatory), including at the local level. It encompasses interface with external experts as needed
  • Obtains endorsement of CC-RMS by appropriate senior committees
  • Ensures development of RMP documents leading a cross-functional team in frame of RMP Submission task force and/or RMP Working Group
  • Ensures consistency/alignment of product CC-RMS across countries
  • Provides support to local safety teams in developing and validating local RMP as appropriate
  • Provides contribution to Health Authorities’ questions and participates to meetings and interacts with regulators to defend/negotiate the CC-RMS (as needed)
  • Provides expertise and supports to GSOs on Development Risk Management Plans
  • Supervision of the implementation of additional risk minimization measures beyond routine (aRMMs) for concerned marketed products
  • Communicates product CC-RMS to appropriate audience
  • Creates and leads the supervision group involving transversal functions in charge of global supervision of implementation of activities, executed and tracked locally
  • Uses the validated electronic tracking system to validate and supervise local implementation plans
  • Ensures follow-up of effectiveness of minimization activities, analyzes deviations and sets up adequate action plan for adjustment of the RMS as needed
  • Maintains a high level of quality and knowledge on RMP-related activities and outputs within the company
  • Communicates and promotes knowledge on regulation requirements, guidance's, recommendations, and templates with respect to risk management
  • Ensures audits and inspections readiness for products (medicinal products) at all stages of the life cycle
  • Ensures risk management governance process is applied
  • Ensures networking with different internal stakeholders at global, regional, and local level
  • Ensures appropriate partners are informed about product RMP-related activities (as per Safety Data Exchange Agreement)
  • Ensures with medical affairs colleagues' appropriate selection of vendors and establishes communication with external contract organizations developing minimization tools, with feasibility survey and/or user testing when needed
  • Sets up or participates to medical/scientific expert meeting (internal/external) to determine adequate product CC-RMS
  • Advocates risk management to internal and/or external stakeholders
  • Organizes risk management training and mentoring sessions
  • Ensures training of GPV (Global Pharmacovigilance) staff in risk management
  • Collaboration and knowledge/experience sharing within RMP Team or GPV
  • Mentorship of new RME comers or RMEs with less experience
  • Provide external training as appropriate

What you need to bring:


  • M.D., Pharm D, PhD, or MPH Degree in pharmacovigilance and/or relevant medical field (e.g., clinical development) and/or regulatory area and/or toxicologist and/or pharmacoepidemiology
  • 10+ years’ experience (including industry experience) with a working knowledge of drug safety and regulatory/risk management, and understanding of life-cycle product, and specific knowledge of international RMP regulatory guidelines
  • Working knowledge of common data processing software (i.e., Excel, PowerPoint, Word) or internal software’s and database systems
  • Technical skills for understanding document management systems including assembly of document
  • Excellent understanding of the concept of risk associated with the use by patients of a medicinal product/medical device, in its clinical, individual patient health, public health and regulatory dimensions
  • Strong knowledge of international regulatory and scientific environment in risk management (e.g., international guidelines, RMP template)
  • Expertise in pre and post marketing risk management, including risk assessment and risk minimization activities with ability to propose strategies adapted to the product and the environment
  • Expertise for supervising global and local implementation of risk minimization activities, particularly risk minimization activities beyond routine (e.g., educational material or controlled dispensing), and for analyzing effectiveness results of these activities to adjust the risk minimization strategy (as needed)
  • Excellent networking and collaboration skills to interact transversally with numerous functions involved in RMP-related activities, demonstrating leadership within a cross-functional team, as well as supporting local safety teams for developing local RMP documents
  • Ability to share risk management knowledge, as a SME in that field
  • Ability to manage internal/external stakeholders with courtesy and respect
  • Ability to present the risk management strategy to various internal committees
  • Ability to discuss the risk management strategy with regulators (e.g., Agency meetings)
  • Demonstrates initiative and capacity to work under pressure, to contribute to solutions of safety crisis
  • Strong ability to manage competing priorities and timelines for numerous products in parallel
  • Fluent in English


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