Our global partnerships

Brunel Foundation

Specialisterne Foundation

The Brunel Foundation and the Specialisterne Foundation established a joint global partnership in April 2019 to collaborate on the inclusion of autistic and neurodiverse people in the labour market.

People with autism have an added value that is often not recognised, because they have difficulty with social interaction and a need for predictability. However, it is precisely their deviation that makes them suitable for tasks where analysis and a keen eye for detail are required. Brunel and Specialisterne both believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow and develop themselves to their full potential and well-being.

Specialisterne Foundation and Brunel will use their own unique expertise and knowledge to promote the advantages of autism in the workforce and include this group of untapped talented people in the workplace.

Photo: Thorkil Sonne (Chairman & Founder Specialisterne Foundation) & Jilko Andringa (CEO Brunel International)