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The Brunel Foundation

Brunellers Femke Dijkstra and Maritska Aarts saw there was a need within Brunel to do good and give back. They founded the Brunel Foundation in 2012, allowing Brunel colleagues to volunteer their time or donate to programs and initiatives with a corporate social responsibility focus.

The Brunel Foundation has the mission to positively impact People and our Planet by helping create a better future for professionals and a better planet for future professionals. To enable this goal, The Brunel Foundation supports the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) by helping future, young and senior professionals with autism increase their job opportunities. The Brunel Foundation also helps increase environmental consciousness and sustainability by raising awareness for clean seas and Brunel's own CO2 footprint. 


The Brunel Foundation is managed by Femke Dijkstra and Maritska Aarts with headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They are full time members of the foundation and coordinate all global related CSR activities. In the regional offices, Brunel encourages our co-workers to start CSR activities and become part of the Foundation community. Our core values are: collaboration, use each other strengths and inspiring one another. 

The Brunel Foundation is an independent, global entity separate from the Brunel business unit and does not operate towards commercial goals. 

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The beginning

The Brunel Foundation was created in 2012 by Femke Dijkstra and Maritska Aarts in the Netherlands as a result of a best idea contest and was entirely run by volunteers. The Foundation receives its funding from Brunel employees and our customers, as well as valuable time from its volunteers. 


Coding workshops for Children

In 2015, the Brunel Foundation organized programming workshops for children. These workshop were designed and supervised by our Brunel IT colleagues. Children learned how to code, build a website, create an app or game and explore technology in an informal and social environment at one of our Brunel offices. Frequently, our workshops were attended by children on the autism spectrum. By conversing with the parents and the children, we learned more about the issues and challenges they face on a day to day basis.


CSR team building

The Brunel Foundation organized CSR team building sessions for all Human Resources Managers in the Netherlands. In small groups, our colleagues discussed various topics related to people with a distance to the labour market. They learned more about the difficulties these people face in finding a job and what could be their role in this process. Result of the sessions: we made a roadmap of al the phases people with autism go through on their way to finding a job.


Developing a unique application for Dutch Lifeguards

The Brunel Foundation developed an event management application for the Dutch Lifeguard Organisation together with Brunel Software Solutions and Brunel volunteers. Dutch Lifeguards are present throughout the country at events close to or related to water. The application helps the lifeguards efficiently organise and manage these events in a safe way.


High-Tech Discovery

During the Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven, the Brunel Foundation co-organised workshops for children about 'Programming in Minecraft' and 'The origins of the animated film'. Together with Brunel volunteers and experts, the children were taught more about technology in a fun and informal setting. The experts from Brunel Information Security also explained the dangers of the online world and how to protect yourself from online bullies, trolls, prying criminals and phishing attempts.


Tech, sailing & kids

In 2018, the Brunel Foundation offered a cheque with donations from Brunel employees and clients to the Tech Playgrounds organisation. Tech Playgrounds offers weekly events to children to introduce them to the fun side of technology. Brunel participated in the Volvo Ocean Race in 2018. Together with Tech Playgrounds, the Brunel Foundation organised a day filled with water, sports and tech for children at the Volvo Ocean Race finish line in The Hague.


Autism and work

The Brunel Foundation and the Dutch Autism Association (NVA) combined forces to help and enable meaningful employment for people with autism. Brunel Foundation and the NVA collaborate on the WorkWeb-Autism project. This online tool helps people with Autism find suitable employment opportunities. The Brunel Foundation also organised 'AUT in the Brunel Office' where they invited people with autism to an honest and open introduction meeting with one of our consultants.


Global Partnership with Specialisterne

Brunel Foundation and the Specialisterne Foundation established a joint global partnership to collaborate on the inclusion of autistic and neurodiverse people in the labour market. Specialisterne Foundation and Brunel will use their own unique expertise and knowledge to promote the advantages of autism in the workforce and include this group of untapped talented people in the workplace.