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Norway’s Oil & Gas industry needs a flexible workforce

With Norway set to top the UK in terms of CAPEX in the coming decade, there is clearly a huge amount of project work to be delivered.
Roughly $40 billion will be spent on projects with identified development plans, alongside multiple early-stage schemes which are undergoing conceptual studies.

Combined with the multi-billion dollar spends from the UK, the next 5-10 years promise to be extremely productive and challenging for the teams tasked with bringing everything to fruition.

Partnering with Brunel will mean you have access to our full range of solutions. We’ve helped companies deliver projects all around the world for decades.

Talk to Brunel today about how we can help you and your team.

Market Intelligence

We can help you with pre-planning and forecasting of workforce requirements, advice on talent management and retention, labour market mapping, advice on cost and budgeting of workforce and up-to-date market rate information per position.

Data analytics allows us to capture and interpret large data sets to guide business decisions. A proper implementation of analytic techniques and tools can boost business performance by putting useful information in front of decision-makers and improving profitability as a result.

Talent Management & Recruitment

We can help you with all your hiring needs:

  • • Talent pooling
  • • Headhunting services
  • • Supply of ex-pat workforce in-country for busy periods
  • • Supply of local workforce for special projects or communications in-country with authorities
  • • Pre-planning and forecasting of workforce requirements
  • • Advice on talent management and retention
  • • Advice on cost and budgeting of workforce and up-to-date market rate information per position.

Global Mobility

Relocating your employees is serious business. You need to be sure your people are safe and secure at their new location and that they are able to work and succeed in their new surroundings. Brunel takes care of your people, from moving to settling in.

Brunel offers customisable, digital and flexible mobility services to ensure the smoothest transitions possible. From individually budgeted spending to full and extensive global mobility programs, Brunel makes relocation feel like coming home.