Shuttle Driver Full-time

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As a full-time CDL passenger shuttle driver for Brunel, you’ll be working on a major mining site in Salt Lake City, Utah. Full-time drivers get medical benefits and a prescription drug plan from day 1, and more.

Pay rate starts at $15.00/hour and a great overtime rate for anything over 40 hours/week. 

We’ll get you moving, and we’ll keep you going. 

Brunel is the major leading employer of CDL drivers, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brunel also hires co-ordinators, advisors, engineers and personnel for a variety of projects in other states. Work through us and you’ll have flexibility and opportunities to progress, wherever you want to go.

Leave us your phone number to get in touch and one of our team will call or email you within the next 48 hours. 

Looking for a great workforce? With Brunel, you can:

✔ Take back control of your projects
✔ Get the right project people at the right time
✔ Deliver projects on time
✔ Get project teams to hard-to-reach places
✔ Get the experts you need before your competition     
✔ Grow your business
✔ Avoid project delays and unexpected costs
✔ Outsource an entire team or project
✔ Alleviate pressure and manage risk

Looking for a new job? With Brunel, you can: 

✔ Create the career (and future) you want 
✔ Learn, develop and grow 
✔ Reach your full potential 
✔ Conquer new challenges
✔ Travel to new places