Wanted: Part-time online marketing assistant (from home)

Requirements: Excellent English, some CMS experience (Sitecore or Wordpress), eager to learn, willing to get things done.

Global Marketing at Brunel

The Global Marketing team at Brunel has a big scope. We do social media campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), write blogs, advertise on all kinds of platforms, make videos and much more. Speaking of scope: our company is located in 40+ countries. Some of these have dedicated marketing departments. Others rely on the Global Marketing team. 

We do this to make sure job seekers and companies that need them for their projects know what we have to offer, so we can help bring them together. You could call it recruitment, but we do much more than that.

At the moment, there is more work than we can handle. To make sure our team can focus on their biggest skills, we're looking for some part-time assistance.

What will you do?

  • ■ Make website pages, such as blogs and landing pages. We'd send you a Word file and instructions, and you'd build the page with text, images, call to actions, and links to related pages. Easy enough if you're tech savvy and have used a CMS before.
  • ■ We work with Sitecore as a CMS, but if you have experience with something like Wordpress you'll manage quickly enough. (If you have Photoshop skills, that is helpful. An understanding of SEO basics or a master of pivot tables? Sweet! Any relevant online marketing experience is also a plus.)
  • ■ When you have some time to kill, you can read up on your SEO, take Google Analytics courses online, and ask your super smart colleagues so many questions that you can take over their job. 

And where? 

Our team currently works from home. So will you. We use email and Microsoft Teams to stay connected. Half our team is in Dusseldorf, and half is in Amsterdam. If you live in one of those cities (or close) that would be great, in case we can go back to the office again at any point. 

An ideal match?

  • ■ This position is part time (16-20 hours a week), so it's an ideal match for students. The hourly rate is good.
  • ■ We're looking for a professional attitude with a "+1" mentality, meaning you work hard and are proud of your effort.
  • ■ Team communication is in English, so you need to be comfortable speaking and writing this.
  • ■ Many of our interns or marketing assistants have grown into fulltime positions at Brunel, so who knows what this could lead to over time.
  • ■ We'd like a "getting things done" mentality with a good amount of ambition. 


Interested? Get in touch! Where? Scroll down. 

Excited? Send your resume and a short motivation to:

Joost Puite

Online marketeer