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Brunel is a trusted executive retained executive search partner to a principal investment firm that primarily provides long-term debt and equity capital to lower middle-market companies. The portfolio of companies supported include companies seeking to fill C- Suite level (CEO, CFO, CRO) roles to develop strategic goals and policies, provide leadership, and help build a strong company brand.

Project Challenges

Our client came to us with hiring challenges they'd been facing when filling a C-suite role. Due to an extremely competitive labor market, the talent pool was very small and finding top candidates was challenging. Through our retained search, we found that most candidates were being pursued by multiple companies and the need for a more meticulous and thorough recruitment strategy was necessary.


Our Tailored Solution

Brunel’s direct hire recruitment team worked closely with each company’s stakeholder to ensure full alignment. Our execution method included mapping out relevant-sized small to mid-market companies in the area and focused on generating an extensive list of qualified candidates. We ensured that every candidate we spoke with was delivered the same clear and consistent marketing message to help build the company brand. Finally, we provided compensation and benchmarking assessments to ensure we were staying competitive and equitable.

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