Senior Process Engineer

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Senior Process Engineer

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About this job

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  • Area of expertise: Embedded Software
  • Location: Singapore

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About this role

Job Description

  • To autonomously conceptualize, design, prepare, and deliver residual Process Engineering deliverables for the assigned project in accordance with specified technical requirements, timelines, and budget constraints. Independently manage and resolve all project-related issues.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Grasp and comprehend project-specific specifications, requirements, and relevant Industry Standards, Classification Society, and Regulatory guidelines for the assigned project, including those for Construction, Commissioning, and Offshore activities.
  • Develop design philosophies, engineering specifications, PFD, P&ID drawings, data sheets, calculations, and equipment sizing tailored to the assigned project. Validate these elements with the Lead Engineer.
  • Independently assess the process aspects of bids from various suppliers, engaging in the technical bid evaluation process. Ensure selected vendors align with technical/engineering requirements outlined in project specifications. Provide assessments to the Package Engineer in consultation with the Lead Engineer.
  • Independently compile technical reports (e.g., flare & blow down, flare radiation, process simulation basis, heat and material balance, process control description, utility summary, line list, and set point list), safe charts, and Process C&E for the assigned project.
  • Independently devise solutions for technical/engineering and related problems, analyzing issues/data and evaluating options using experience, precedents, and professional references.
  • Actively participate in safety meetings, elucidate the process system to the committee, and promptly address observations and recommendations.
  • Engage in key stakeholder meetings (Client/Supplier/Sub-contractor/Class), review stakeholders' documents, and address interface/implementation/execution issues. Escalate matters as necessary to ensure the project progresses smoothly and on schedule.
  • Provide technical/engineering support and advice for Construction/Commissioning work at the site. Troubleshoot and follow up to rectify gaps or problems. Offer off-site support and advice when required.
  • Take responsibility for capturing lessons learned in the functional area, inputting them into MIMS, and closing out project-related MIMS actions.
  • Provide guidance to junior Engineers.


Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering or Master of Engineering. Alternatively, a Diploma in Engineering with several years of relevant working experience.

Relevant Experience:

  • At least 12 years of relevant working experience for diploma holders.
  • Minimum of 7 years of pertinent working experience in Process Engineering in the oil and gas sector for Bachelor's degree holders.
  • For Master's degree holders, a minimum of 6 years of relevant working experience.
  • Familiarity with applicable industry standards, company standards, specifications, and procedures in the functional area.

Software Skills:

  • MS Office
  • AVEVA Engineering
  • Process simulation (e.g., UNISIM Design, etc.)
  • Flare system hydraulics (e.g., UNISIM Flare, etc.)
  • Piping system transient analysis and hydraulics (e.g., Flowmaster, etc.)
  • Firewater system hydraulics (e.g., Pipenet, etc.)
  • Separation vessel performance (e.g., MySep, etc.)

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