Electrical Engineer (LNG)

Vacancy number • PUB408726

Electrical Engineer (LNG)

  • Qatar
  • Closes July 8
  • 40 hours
  • Academic Bachelor

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About this job

  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Area of expertise: Engineering & Design
  • Location: Qatar

What is required?

  • Hours per week: 40
  • Education level: Academic Bachelor


  • Advises and support electrical engineering expertise consistent with Senior Engineer level competency during and startup phase until handover to permanent asset whilst ensuring project deliverables meet operations expectations in term of safety, operability, reliability, and maintainability over the facility design life cycle.
  • Able to effectively influence project decisions based not only on CAPEX but considering OPEX for the project life cycle.
  • Requires to (1) ensure compliance with Company specifications, processes and procedures for the assigned projects; (2) participate in reviews and provide technical inputs to designs and procedures for the implementation of approved field operations whilst mitigating new technology risks introduced by the project.

About this role

  • Prepares reports on commissioning/startup/Early operation progress and anomalies to the Head of Maintenance on day-to-day basis.
  • Demonstrates commitment to HSE excellence. Supports LNG’s Safety, Health and

    ·Environment policies and programs, and perform specific duties and responsibilities related to work scope per the Company’s management system documentation, policies, procedures, safety manual and other related documents.

  • Ensures that personnel are trained to required competence.
  • Reviews / approves electrical testing plans (ITPs), pre-commissioning and commissioning / startup procedures.
  • Oversees the PMC activities related to electrical works, which include electrical component testing, initial energizing, and solo running of drivers.
  • Ensures electrical works during commissioning and startup periods are successfully completed.
  • Organizes & coordinates all electrical works during early operation of new projects.
  • Reports work in close coordination with other commissioning and startup electrical team members.
  • Reviews mark up any changes to design drawings and documentations.
  • Provides input as necessary to System Mechanical Acceptance Packages (SMCPs) to support Systems completion plan and participate in pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup activities, mechanical completion checks, running tests, punch list and follow up.
  • Oversees/approves systems acceptance. Ensures that hand over files of commissioned facilities from project management teams (PMT’s) include all documents such as: Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Engineering Mechanical Catalogues, Vendor manuals etc.
  • Reviews spare parts requirements for capital spares, commissioning and 2 years operation, and identify shortcomings or potential negative impacts.
  • Ensures all equipment warranty requirements are met during early operation phase.
  • Identifies and implements witnessing/vendor support for initial startup/early operation.
  • Participates in establishing of a functional CMMS prior to handover to OPCO Asset in charge team.
  • Transfer care, custody and control of the early operated facilities to the OPCO asset in charge team for startup.
  • Provides detailed debriefing of early operation lessons learnt to the benefit of both routine and future start up maintenance.
  • Provides start up assistance for tuning, performance testing, system trouble shooting and capture lesson learnt.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering.
  • 6 years’ experience in an oil and gas environment.
  • Able to work and make decisions under highly stressing conditions.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Strong leadership & people skills.
  • Computer literacy involving the regular use of professional office and technical applications.
  • Senior Electrical Engineer-level of competence as per Electrical Engineering Technical Competencies.


  • Salary:
    • Day Rate in USD Plus Allowance
  • Work Schedule:
    • 8 Hours / 5 Days
  • Duration:
    • 3 years, renewable
  • Location:
    • Qatar

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