Production Supervisor – Offshore


About this job

  • Market: Energy
  • Branch: Oil & Gas
  • Area of Expertise: Project Management & Services
  • Location: United Arab Emirates

What is required?

  • hours per week: 48
  • Education level: Professional Bachelor
  • Closing date: Sunday, 26 March 2023

About this role: Production Supervisor – Offshore

  • Supervise all production operations and the activities of assigned employees in the Gas Compression / Crude Separation / Processing / Water Flood on the main Complex (Water Flood platform is covered by Production Supervisor - OII Movements on Fateh). Perform Supervisory functions at the level established by the Company's management for this position. Monitor, provide instructions on day-to-day operations and authorize changes to production conditions to ensure Production/Maintenance parameters are maintained. Shut down the Trains/Equipment as required for maintenance and ensure that proper isolations are made to maintain the system's integrity;
  • Applicable to SWF only - Supervise all production operations on the Water Flood unit on the Complex. Ensure that targets are met in terms of Production of the field. Monitor, provide instructions on day-to-day operations and authorize changes to production conditions to ensure production/maintenance parameters are maintained. Shut down the Trains / ESPs / Wells / equipment as required for maintenance/Slick line work and ensure that proper isolations are made to maintain the system’s integrity. Liaise with Well intervention for AA/BB wells remedial; Wells personnel on Gas / Water injection and other operational needs. Obtain field data for operations, recommend changes to increase the injection rates. Ensure maintenance and operation of assets at SLQ1 / SLQ2;
  • Act as Authorized Company Representative (ACR) under Permit to Work (PTW) for Complex platforms (including detailed review of isolation plans/Task Risk Assessments (TRAs) to ensure adherence to company standards). Ensure that PTWs are reviewed, authorized and issued in a timely manner to site. On completion of work, authorize to de-isolate, start-up, testing and acceptance of equipment by Production Operators. Conduct STAR tour and Active Line Monitoring (ALM) on a regular basis during the course of work. Ensure that all activities of the unit are carried out in accordance with the Company’s safety policies and procedures. Ensure that all accidents and incidents are reported first; efficiently investigated and recommended measures are implemented to avoid recurrences;
  • Coordinate plant maintenance/project activities in the SWF/ FATEH Complex Units. Ensure that all the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and Corrective Maintenance (CM) activities are carried out in a timely manner as per 7 and 28 days plan to achieve 100% compliance. This includes identifying and reporting problems, reviewing/raising work orders through Planners, authorizing control system and equipment preparation for maintenance. Liaise with the maintenance Supervisors to ensure work requirements are met (Preventive maintenance and repairs). Control the startup and commissioning of the unit after maintenance or repairs.
  • Assist in the planning and execution of Major shutdowns in the plant which includes providing inputs into work requirements, procedures to be used during shutdowns, assisting in the shutdown; equipment isolations; issuance and controlling the work permits process. Provide On-site supervision during major works and input from an operations point of view for troubleshooting and solving any problems. Participate in daily production and safety meetings with Superintendent; discuss issues related to equipment problems, production issues and safety matters for resolving in time. Lead daily morning STAR card / work schedule meeting; discusses all critical activities and associated risks;
  • Organize appropriate Change Approval Forms (CAFs) for any new changes or modifications and ensures approved CAFs are in place before any modification jobs are taken up in Complex. Ensure Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) is completed and approved after the implementation of modifications for startup and commissioning. Ensure approved Operational Risk Assessment (ORAs) are implemented for Safety Critical Element inhibits or overrides or bypasses;
  • Ensure that Company’s waste management program is followed effectively in his area of responsibility. Ensures that emissions to environment (Flaring/Overboard and Vent gas) are well controlled to meet the company requirement. Ensure good housekeeping of all platforms is maintained at all times;
  • Ensure that Fuel gas supply from onshore Gas Control Station (GCS) / Rashid C is effectively utilized by both SWF/Fateh CCP/GL trains and Generators. Act as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) during Fuel gas outage period; coordinate with MCP/SWF/Fateh and control the Fuel gas pressure and flow by switching over to alternate interstage or Diesel fuel when required to do so;
  • Ensuring Bypass / Inhibit / Long term isolation register is properly documented; maintained and audit conducted in every rotation;
  • Propose timely Crank soak washes of the axial compressors based on (Compressor discharge pressure (CDP) degradations to improve their efficiency by coordinating with maintenance / onshore support/engineering team and resolving technical problems in a timely manner. Participate in unplanned down time meetings and provide input with respect to operational point of views;
  • Ensure that correct control is maintained over the use of consumable supplies, such as Chemicals and Operational supplies. Coordinate with Logistics Supervisor/Warehouse in maintaining potable water and diesel stock in the Complex;
  • Coordinate with Chemical Engineer to optimize the chemical injection rates of Gas Corrosion Inhibitor / Oil Corrosion Inhibitor / Methanol /Glycol and maintain sufficient chemicals stock;
  • Ensure Operator platform routines are completed and well tests are completed in a timely manner. Ensure that shift logs are maintained with proper timings; reviewing them and preparing daily production and activities reports and leave comprehensive turn over notes to his back-to-back;
  • Report any incidents and Oil sheens to Complex Superintendent and prepare the Incident report to load into the (CMO) system;
  • Ensure new operators/ Emirati Production Apprentice Trainees in his area are properly trained up to the Company's expectations. As an Assessor in the Competence and Development Assurance (CDA) program; scrutinizes all of his reports skill development and growth;
  • Contribute to personnel development through coaching, mentoring and on the job training of his reports. Discuss any performance issues and conduct a fair and straight forward Annual Performance appraisal with his reports;
  • Stand in for Operations Superintendent through delegation and acts as Offshore Leadership Team (OLT) at Emergency Control Centre in the absence of Satellite Superintendent;
  • Required to discharge the same functions with additional responsibilities of Complex operations when on Night shift;
  • Review Mechanical Corrosion Damage Reports (MCDR) /Anomaly Reports and provide feedback during monthly Anomaly/MCDR meeting and take necessary actions to meet the Key Performance indicators (KPI);
  • Night Supervisor Responsibilities: Acts as Approved Company Representative (ACR) for SWF/Fateh night shift PTW system requirements. Ensure required equipment/process is stopped, isolated; depressurized; kept ready with material and PTW for next day planned maintenance jobs. Supervise night deck crew daily planned activities. Review the weekly planned jobs PTW job packs, isolation plans and markup P&lDs;
  • A decision maker during nightshift, on behalf of Operations and Satellite production teams (engaging Complex and Satellite Superintendents in critical decision making as required). Train and coach new Production Operators working on night shifts. Observe the performance of night shift Production Operators and guide them, as required. Provide work direction / priorities to Senior Production Operators and Production Operators. Cross check down time reports of the shut- in wells at midnight and provide correct Lost Production Opportunity (LPO) reports to offshore Admin team. Provide accurate facility reports to Operations Superintendent.


  • Higher Secondary education in Science (Preferably Degree/Diploma holder in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering);
  • Minimum 5 years' Oil and Gas field experience Operations or maintenance (of which 3 years spent in a Senior Production Operator‘s position);
  • Thorough understanding of Operations Safety Case requirements; International safety regulations and requirements; Safe systems of work including the PTW, Isolation procedures and risk assessment;
  • Working knowledge of computer applications software such as Microsoft Office/Excel/ Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (Oracle);
  • Excellent written and spoken English.

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