Petroleum Engineering


About this job

  • Market: Energy
  • Branch: Oil & Gas
  • Area of Expertise: Project Management & Services
  • Location: Saudi Arabia

What is required?

  • hours per week: 48
  • Education level: Professional Bachelor
  • Closing date: Friday, 2 June 2023

About this role: Petroleum Engineering

  • Lead and participate in advanced data analytics studies and IR 40 projects which include EDA, data pre- processing, model construction, model evaluation and calibration;
  • Apply latest IR 40 and advanced data analytics methods and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies;
  • Conduct comprehensive petrophysical studies and analyses by integrating logging tool responses, rock, fluid and production data for formation evaluation and reservoir surveillance;
  • Design and oversee core and fluid studies to enhance petrophysical models;
  • Perform and oversee accurate Plant and Well Allocation processes;
  • Enhance data quality in the well database by enhancing data flow processes;
  • Propose data model design/business rules enhancements for data quality improvements;
  • Develop and enforce data access control measures to maintain Petroleum Engineering data confidentiality;
  • Conduct training for professionals with proper training materials;
  • Act as technical advisor to management regarding best practices for advanced data analytics and data science topics.


  • BS degree in petroleum engineering, geology, geophysics or physics MS or PhD is desirable but not required;
  • Computer science BS degree with a master/specialization in artificial intelligence, data science or data analytics PhD is desirable but not required;
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of data science, advanced data analytics or artificial intelligence domains Mastery of machine learning algorithms, which include: Deep Learning algorithms (Feed forward neural networks, convolutional neural networks, recursive neural networks), classification algorithms (Random forest, C45, SVM, Bayesian, KNN), clustering algorithms (K-means, hierarchical, DBSCAN), reinforcement Learning and recommendation systems;
  • A Minimum of 10 years of intensive experience in the area of data management Technical publications are valued but in-depth practical experience is paramount;
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams and to communicate ideas clearly with specialists in Petroleum Engineering data management, reservoir characterization and geologic modeling, Petro- physical evaluation, core analysis, reservoir management, and production engineering;
  • Proficiency in SQL to access, communicate and work with data;
  • Good knowledge in data visualization to translate results into figure and graphs.

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