Machine Learning Specialist


About this job

  • Market: Energy
  • Branch: Oil & Gas
  • Area of Expertise: Project Management & Services
  • Location: Saudi Arabia

What is required?

  • hours per week: 48
  • Education level: Professional Bachelor
  • Closing date: Friday, 16 June 2023

About this role: Machine Learning Specialist

  • Design and develop machine learning and deep learning systems;
  • Run machine learning tests and experiments;
  • Implement appropriate ML algorithms;
  • Build efficient self-learning applications;
  • Develop self-running AI software to automate predictive models for recommended searches, virtual assistants, translation apps, chatbots, and driverless cars;
  • Design machine learning systems, apply algorithms to generate accurate predictions, and resolve data set problems;
  • Evaluate existing machine learning (ML) processes, perform statistical analysis to resolve data set problems, and enhance the accuracy of our AI software's predictive automation capabilities;
  • Transform data science prototypes and apply appropriate ML algorithms and tools;
  • Ensure that algorithms generate accurate user recommendations;
  • Turn unstructured data into useful information by auto-tagging images and text-to-speech conversions;
  • Solve complex problems with multi-layered data sets, as well as optimizing existing machine learning libraries and frameworks;
  • Conduct benchmarking and keep abreast of developments in the field.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or Computer Science (Master’s Degree is preferred);
  • Minimum Years of Experience: 3 in relevant field;
  • Advanced proficiency with Python, Java, and R code writing and other ML languages;
  • Extensive knowledge of ML frameworks, libraries, data structures, data modeling, and software architecture;
  • In-depth knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and algorithms;
  • Superb analytical and problem-solving abilities;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and presentation Skills;
  • Conduct benchmarking and keep abreast of developments in the field;
  • Strong time management skills;
  • Dedication to high-quality work output.

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