Information Tech Applications Systems Specialist


About this job

  • Market: Energy
  • Branch: Oil & Gas
  • Area of Expertise: Project Management & Services
  • Location: Saudi Arabia

What is required?

  • hours per week: 48
  • Education level: Professional Bachelor
  • Closing date: Thursday, 1 June 2023

About this role: Information Tech Applications Systems Specialist

  • Develop applications using Unity3D and Unreal Game Engines;
  • Develop, update, and maintain VR/AR/MR/3D applications;
  • Create custom AR and VR experiences for enterprise use cases (engineering, oil & gas, training, etc.) in Unity and/or Unreal Engine;
  • Ability to effectively work across a wide range of target platforms, including PCs, consoles with VR/AR/MR headsets;
  • Maintain and configure cluster visualization in VR CAVE environment using Unreal nDisplay, Unity3D, MiddleVR and other industry related systems;
  • Develop Applications based on the functionality, visualization, and interface requirements established by project leads;
  • Work in an Agile Software development environment to produce work products;
  • Work with artists, animators, and programmers to execute projects on time;
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in 3D game design;
  • Integrate 3D models and graphical assets from modeling software into game engine projects;
  • Follow design guidelines, asset naming conventions, and other technical constraints;
  • Crafting intuitive user interactions for both novice and experienced users;
  • Optimizing and refining game engine performance for exiting developed applications;
  • Collaborating with 3D Artist/modeler and other developers to complete projects successfully and on time;
  • Strong analytical frame of mind by working closely with designers, artists and other staff involved in the design process in order to create a quality product to schedule;
  • Develop designs or initial concept designs for games including game play;
  • Generate game scripts and storyboards.
  • Create the visual aspects of the game at the concept stage.
  • A passion for video games, Wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends, Creative game design or storyboards that meet enterprise level.
  • Ability to solve problems when debugging problematic game code, optimizing game performance, and turning their design ideas into code.
  • Collaborating with game designers and other developers to complete projects successfully and on time.


  • The candidate should understand 2D/3D programming, UI programming, 3D environment programming (for CAVE, VR, AR and desktop development), also needs a good understanding of networking and databases integration. Must have knowledge and be capable of creating custom tools in game engines;
  • The applicable minimum requirement for the position is Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Computer Science, Game Development, Game Design, Computer Engineering;
  • The candidate should have at least 15 years in software development and at least 10 years within the field of 2D/3D/VR/AR experience development and games development areas;
  • Programming – Proficiency in programming languages, such as Java, C+, C++, C#, Python, Swift, JavaScript, or other programming languages;
  • Ability to write maintainable and robust code. Able to self-direct and comfortable with rapid prototyping and iteration;
  • Web Technologies – Firm understanding of database functionality, multiple development environments, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, .NET, MVC, C#, PHP, WebGL and Python;
  • Game design software – Experience with 2D/3D/VR/AR applications development using game engines (Unity3D and Unreal Engine);
  • Emerging Technologies – Experience and knowledge about XR(VR/AR/MR) systems;
  • Ability to write maintainable and robust code. Able to self-direct and comfortable with rapid prototyping and iteration;
  • High level knowledge of APIs and libraries;
  • Expert in one or more programming specialties (artificial intelligence, 3D Rendering, 3D animation, physics, multiplayer/networking, or audio);
  • Experience with game engines animation and environmental level utilizing game engines;
  • Experience with standard AR and VR hardware, software, best practices, and design patterns;
  • Experience with clustered visualization environment and VR CAVE environment Familiarity with 6DOF tracking system for virtual reality environment like Optitrack and ART;
  • Game engine custom tools/plugins programming knowledge;
  • Knowledge and familiarity with 3D software (3dsmax, Maya, Blender);
  • Deep understanding of content & technical pipeline;
  • Excellent physics and mathematics skills;
  • Physics Engine proficiency and experience is a plus;
  • Being passionate about game industry.

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