The image of an IT organisation largely depends on the assistance customers receive from service desk staff. The best service desk staff have both sound technical knowledge and excellent communication skills, with exceptional levels of customer focus, expectation management, cooperation and proactive communication. The interactive service desk skills training course is aimed at developing these soft skills.

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Subjects covered in the course include:


  • the purpose and history of the IT organisation
  • the added value of the service desk
  • the WE feeling
  • quality
  • perception and expectation management
  • the ideal service desk – and what’s required in practice
  • professional registration
  • multi-channel management
  • communication
  • questioning and analysis techniques
  • dialogue structure
  • tough customer conversations.


Our training course covers both theory and practice – once the theory has been discussed, the remaining time is used to practice dialogue techniques. We do this with case studies, so that the techniques can be applied in practical situations. These exercises are intended to make trainees aware of their own behaviour and its effect on customers and the service provided. 


A regular part of the training is exchanging experiences and giving and gaining feedback on case studies. We challenge trainees to take a critical look at their own skills and to determine how these can be optimised.