Training course in professional ICT control

The control of ICT facilities is highly complex. Regulations and procedures quickly become outdated in the control world, and aren’t always complied with. How can ICT control become a streamlined part of your service process? Brunel IT offers an interactive training course for ICT controllers to achieve just that.

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This course is for system controllers, network controllers, database controllers and application controllers. Rather than paying attention to technical skills, it focuses on optimising a solid working method appropriate for the modern-day ICT controller.


At Brunel IT we have several years' experience in the professionalisation of service processes. This course concentrates on integrating ICT control in the service process and was developed in cooperation with experienced ICT controllers around the following themes:

  • the organisation of daily ICT control;
  • client-focused services;
  • methodologies and best practices for ICT control.


The two-day training course costs €1,176 per person (plus VAT).