Python developer, Senior - 80% Remote


About this job

  • Market: Services
  • Industry: IT & Telecom
  • Area of Expertise: Software Development & Application Management
  • Location: Netherlands

What is required?

  • hours per week: 40
  • Education level: Professional Bachelor
  • Closing date: Thursday, 9 February 2023

About this role: Python developer, Senior - 80% Remote

For our client at KPN we have several 80% remote position open the upcoming months.Due the enormous team size and several teams, there is always demand for extra hands.

Check the requirements which role/team could fit you.

What you are going to do?

In our team we are developing conversational experiences through web/app and our voice channel based on conversational technology within the KPN ecosystem. Our digital assistant provides an intuitive natural language based experience to our customers in the consumer and business domain. We are constantly innovating new use cases and services. This technology impacts millions of KPN’s customers and users.

Currently we are responsible for 3 different key components;

  1. The conversational engine. A Python (Asyncio) backend that handles the connection with the chatbot platform we use and routing live chats.
  2. A React/Redux based front end chat-ui which communicates with the conversational engine which lives on our website ( and the mijnkpn apps.
  3. A FastAPI based BFF that provides endpoints for the bot platform to enrich the conversation with customer, product information and integration for specific use cases.

Besides these tracks, we also assist our sister teams with generating technical components within the bot platform that they can use within their conversational content.

Current focus is on adding integrations with KPN systems to improve the digital self-service capabilities of the digital assistant, strengthening the pivotal bridge function to our customer service department with new channels and making the digital assistant voice enabled.

You will play a leading role in shaping the direction of our technical development, you are encouraged to make architectural decisions and can convince others of your views. We work in a passionate team of multiple disciplines and focus on continuously optimizing quality and speed through automation.


General requirements

  • Experienced 100% Python developer, minimum 4 yearsNot in combination with other work, for example as a consultant/data engineer/ java developer
  • Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes experience
  • Good communication skills in English, curiosity is required
  • Living in a European country
  • Selection process is 50% based on soft skills!

Technologies the team use

  • AWS, Terraform, streaming with Kafka
  • Experience with asyncio, fastapi
  • Django rest Framework (DRF) and Postgres
  • Cloud Native Architecture (AWS, Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Front end: Vue Nuxt 2, Vuex
  • DevOps: CloudFormation, Grafana for proactive monitoring, CI/CD (Jenkins, Helm, BitBucket)
  • Celery- AirFlow

Selection process for Front-end/Full-stack Python developers

  • 4+ years work experience (after graduation) in development using Front-end technologies (CSS, JavaScript) and Python, GIT and CI/CD tools like Jenkins
  • React/Redux;
  • Sentry, Grafana;
  • Testing with Browserstack;


Join the Brunel Community

Join the Brunel Community

KPN is the largest Telecommunications & IT-services company in The Netherlands. Currently, KPN is going through a digital transformation to become the best service provider in the Netherlands. KPN is a tech company. We work with the latest technologies to bring the best digital experiences to our users. Innovations and operations are quick and short cycled (through Agile / Scrum / DevOps).

So, do you know a lot about digital, omnichannel, web, app or even conversational? Are you innovative, creative, practical and open-minded? Experienced with Agile and Scrum or eager to learn? Do you want to be part of a rapidly changing innovative digital environment?

Be part of the change, make a difference and join KPN TDO in Amsterdam! We have a very cool office with the possibility to relax and play in our game room between the important and challenging work that you're doing here. Besides the inspiring environment, we are known for our legendary parties, Hackathons and sports events.

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