Whether you are just beginning your career or are already a seasoned professional, Brunel lets you prove yourself right from day one. Under a work or service contract or on temporary employment, you will be entrusted with operational and/or strategic responsibility in the context of challenging projects at companies in the high-tech space. This will give you a valuable insight into top companies – from midcaps to global players – across all kinds of industries. Your career profile will certainly benefit! Your experience of learning on the job will be flanked by advanced training and development programs tailored specifically to your individual needs.


A selection of the industries we serve 

Automotive engineering

Smart, autonomous and eco-friendly: That is a good way to describe the means of transport that will move both people and freight in the future. To get around as efficiently as possible by land, sea or air, OEMs and their suppliers, major corporations and hidden champions all need highly qualified expertise – your expertise. As an engineering service provider, our job is to connect you and your expertise to ground-breaking projects in the fields of drive technologies, autonomous and connected driving and smart mobility. We thus work together today to shape the future of mobility. We consciously avoid drawing rigid distinctions between travel by car, air, space, sea and rail. Why? Because we are convinced that the knowledge possessed by software engineers, hardware developers and data scientists is as relevant to every mode of transport as that of mechatronic, development, quality, electrical and project engineers.

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Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the fastest-growing sectors of industry. To keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, we are always on the lookout for highly qualified electrical engineers for our clients who run hardware and software projects. In everything from automotive engineering to mechanical/plant engineering and IT, Brunel offers you exciting projects with big-name clients.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are of pivotal importance to the energy transition, which in turn is a powerful driver of innovation, efficiency and digitalisation. The ever more widespread use of solar, wind and hydropower and the development of technologies to save energy mitigate climate change and protect the environment. Everyone who works in these areas thus makes a critical contribution to these goals. Brunel has for years worked across the entire energy sector. We give powerful, hands-on backing to the energy transition by connecting specialists – engineers, technicians, IT experts and project managers – to ground-breaking projects in this industry.

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Business & industrial IT

Digitalisation is making huge advances. Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing increasingly important in just about every walk of life and all fields of work. As a result, software and computer experts are more in demand than ever before. In 2018 alone, German digital association Bitkom put the number of unfilled IT vacancies at around 82,000. Aware of this shortage of specialists, we do everything in our power to give our IT experts secure jobs and excellent working conditions. See for yourself what Brunel has to offer! Then take a moment to explore all the many and varied jobs on offer for IT specialists!

Life sciences

The sheer diversity of topics subsumed under the life sciences opens up a vast spectrum of career opportunities. Chemical engineers can look forward to fascinating job prospects in this sector. But so too can IT project managers, infrastructure engineers, system engineers, quality engineers and process specialists. Research, development, design and production is needed in everything from pharmaceuticals and medical devices to food production and chemicals – perhaps with you on board in the near future! Our clients represent an attractive mix of the industry’s big players and hidden champions. Brunel connects their ground-breaking projects to your expertise.


Stop by at our job mart and see for yourself the rich diversity of jobs open to experts in the life sciences!

Possible career paths at Brunel 

Brunel lets you choose from a wide variety of career paths, depending on your experience to date, areas of specialisation and personal ambitions. The following trajectories are all possible: 

Join us as a fresh graduate or young professional 

If you are a fresh graduate or young professional, you might, for example, start out as a junior designer. Experienced colleagues will then accompany as you progress to become a subjproject or project manager. University leaver Christian Vogt joined us straight after graduation. Go here to learn more about his project at a global leading manufacturer of payload fairings.

International careers 

Brunel is as international as many of our clients, with our people deployed in different countries. Daniel Sammet, an electrical engineer and commissioning expert for electrical equipment, is a good example. Read about his experience here.

Join us as an experienced professional 

Professionals too can always add to their industry expertise, sharpen their areas of specialisation and thus launch a focused technical career at Brunel. Alternatively, you can gradually assume greater responsibility, initially handling subprojects before moving on to complete projects and, over time, more and more staff responsibility. As a technical manager for an international project, Brunel specialist Willi Schlesing developed an LED module for an automotive supplier. Go here to read his story.

Unsolicited applications 

You obviously always have the option of sending us an unsolicited application. That tells us something about your confidence and commitment – two ideal qualities to make a success of your dream job at Brunel.