Senior Operations Engineer


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About this role: Senior Operations Engineer

  • Receiving Work Requests; Once the work request from the Work Control Group is received, the designer has to schedule the start and end date of the project in coordination with Engineering Support Group; Most of the time she/he will receive more than one job; the designer is to manage time and resources for priority jobs while not delaying planned projects;
  • Identifying Project Service Request;
  • There are generally two types of projects: Planned; projects that as allocated funds during the year and Unplanned: Does not have allocated funds but is requested as a priority from Upper Management without any prior planning; like: Executive Houses, quick responses;
  • Consult with Work Control;
  • Listing Proponent Requirements;
  • Understanding the Proponent’s Requirements: (functions, activities, preferences, budget, timeline, priorities)
  • Studying Existing;
  • Requesting security approvals: Fill up a form prior to visiting facility and taking pictures;
  • Filing existing pictures;
  • Concept Design
  • Developing a concept design in free hand, 2D, or 3D CADD presentations including main ideas;
  • Budgetary Estimate;
  • Study budgetary estimates that fit the proponent’s requirements;
  • Concept Presentations;
  • Preparing presentations; hardcopies on boards or digital presentations on Power Point;
  • Giving verbal presentation to the Documenting minutes of meeting and developing design options and estimates;
  • Engineering Package Coordination;
  • Once design is approved the designer works closely with an assigned Architect at the Engineering Group or with the Interior Design in house Architect to develop the engineering package; Other responsibilities include coordination with engineering disciplines; mechanical, electrical, communication and making sure that tasks given are completed in due time and comments are being implemented; Review of Construction Drawings and Scope of Work;
  • Materials’ Specification;
  • Selection and specification of interior and exterior finishes and lighting fixtures; Including selection and specification of furniture, accessories, and signage;
  • Construction Support;
  • During Job-X the designer is called upon to discuss with the Contractors queries and concerns prior to job bid; Once job is bid to a contractor, designer is to approve all submittals by contractor and lend construction support including site supervision and on resolving sport detail by giving detail drawings and solving design issues;
  • Recent Addition to Job Description;
  • Role: Proponent Representative on Mega Projects
  • General: Reviewing design, materials, and finishes with Design Consultants by physical or virtual reviews;
  • Reviewing hardcopy, softcopy and e-review submittals by text comments, PDF comments, hand sketches, or technical drawings and illustrations;
  • Verbal comments in Web-X meetings;
  • Taking minutes of Web-X meetings and distributions;
  • Traveling to outside Consultants office and reviewing their work in workshops.


  • 15 years design experience in an architectural office;
  • Architectural Registration US or UK;
  • Member of the AIA or RIBA;
  • Excellent command of the English language;
  • Should have a portfolio of work to show.

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