Lead Process Safety Management Specialist


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About this role: Lead Process Safety Management Specialist

Job Description:

  • Provide in depth technical leadership and support to Company sites with a focus on hazard identification, risk assessment and providing cost effective risk management solutions;
  • Provide a permanent lead in developing and improving the safe technology tools;
  • Other important roles and responsibilities of the Lead PSM Specialist would be;
  • Provide specialist advice and guidance in PSM;
  • To ensure the necessary level of PSM technical assurance and integrity is achieved throughout the Company;
  • To develop risk-based solutions to novel or higher risk situations, including the provision of adequate and accurate PSM platforms to establish practical risk criteria and field wide controls to manage SIMOPs, EPZs, safe locations for future facilities and infrastructure in Company fields, etc;
  • To resolve key risk & safety issues and generate supporting documentation to substantiate the resolution;
  • Drive Company improvement in the areas of PSM, Risk Management, Safety and Loss Prevention;
  • Provide Company technical leadership via involvement (participation / facilitation) in formal technical networks/work groups;
  • Develop and maintain the PSM, and Risk Management Framework, including its required technical procedures, standards, best practices, and guidelines;
  • Identify and review new technological developments/ practices, as well as new PSM and safety technology and risk assessment tools, which may provide wore efficient and cost effective solutions;
  • Lead PSM and insurance audits and prepare audit report;
  • Set PSM and Insurance Audit Plan and Develop PSM and Insurance Checklist;
  • Auditing of the process safety management program and provide necessary guidance and support;
  • Lead HAZOP and HAZID Teams;
  • Prepare PSM training courses and refresher training and provide necessary training to Company and Contractors staff;
  • Lead the SCE identification and Develop Performance Standard for design and operations stages;
  • Implement process safety initiatives developed by the team to improve PSM performance.


  • Leadership: Delivers results through personal contribution and team;
  • Problem Solving & Innovation: Demonstrates willingness and ability to assess situations and issues to provide justified, reasoned and innovative solutions;
  • Managing and Developing People: Develops self and others to achieve individual and organizational potential, and managing self and immediate team to deliver results;
  • Action and Results Focus: Demonstrates sustained energy and focus for achievement, overcomes obstacles as they arise and manages the work focus of self and team;
  • Team work: Works co-operatively, in departments, service lines, across cultures and organizational boundaries to achieve shared goals;
  • Communicate effectively with project team and Company staff;
  • Able to effectively communicate with;
  • Able to Prepare related PSM training material such as PSM standards, guidelines and procedures and provide training;
  • To ensure effective PSM and insurance audit processes and implementation.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Degree in Chemical / Mechanical / Petroleum / Instrument Engineering or equivalent;
  • 20 years professional experience required preferably within an O&G Operating company;
  • The Lead PSM Specialist shall have a high level of knowledge and understanding of the following technical aspects (as a minimum):
  • Knowledge of the design, operations, technical support, key hazards/risks and process safety management features of typical Oil and Gas fields;
  • Knowledge of risk-based design and engineering practices, and the relevant industry standards;
  • Experience in the use of appropriate analysis techniques;
  • Process Safety Management;
  • Risk assessment and mitigation;
  • Fire protection and safe operations;
  • Incident investigations, prevention and analysis;
  • Knowledge of tools to carry out consequence modelling and risk calculations;
  • Knowledge of process hazards and safe working practices;
  • Process Safety Audit;
  • Insurance Market Engineers Survey and Follow up;
  • Asset integrity Management and Deferral Process;
  • Process Equipment;
  • Process Control system;
  • Fire and Gas Detection System Design and Management;
  • Site Layout & Facility Siting;
  • Venting, flaring, depressurizing and relief;
  • Hazard identification;
  • Process Safety report preparation;
  • Process safety performance monitoring and auditing;
  • Safe Operating Envelope (SOE);
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) requirements;
  • PSM Audit;
  • Risk management;
  • Incident investigation and analysis;
  • Emergency response and crisis management;
  • Culture, behavior and compete.

How to apply

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