Investment Analysis Consultant


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About this role: Investment Analysis Consultant

  • Conducts reviews of industry business developments, trends and economics;
  • Utilizes, adjusts and maintains economic evaluation models for downstream projects;
  • Provide analysis, evaluation and interpretation in support of projects, processes, and financing related to the Company capital investment decisions in the oil downstream sector;
  • Evaluates the economics of complex downstream project proposals, including joint venture and/or acquisitions;
  • Advises Project team’s on project economics and risks, if necessary translating project risks into financial numbers as part of the project evaluation process;
  • Participates along with project team members in areas with an economic impact Identifies potential optimization opportunities within the project;
  • Acts as a gate keeper, challenging project assumptions from functional teams, ensuring that projects are aligned with strategic drivers;
  • Represents the company at relevant internal and external conferences and seminars, preparing and delivering presentations on subjects related to downstream industries;
  • Builds and maintains strong relationships with consultancies, industry experts, and best-in-class companies, keeping abreast of oil downstream market developments which could impact the company’s competitive performance;
  • Benchmarks the company’s performance and related processes, practices and technologies against relevant companies in the region and around the world;
  • Assists in the training, coaching and mentorship of junior staff.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Financial Management or closely related discipline; advanced degree is highly desirable;
  • Must have steadily advanced his/her professional competence in areas of expertise through personal study, relevant and expanding work experiences, seminars, professional contacts and extension courses;
  • Must have 15+ years’ relevant, progressive experience in the oil refining, chemicals, distribution and marketing industry, including at least five years’ experience in a planning function related to the oil downstream business;
  • Mastery understanding of the economic and business factors related to the oil downstream industry with proven success applying that knowledge in the evaluation of business opportunities;
  • Solid understanding of downstream projects necessary to conduct insightful economic analysis of capital investments;
  • In-depth understanding of various modeling techniques and methodologies related to economic analysis and planning;
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate what are frequently complex technical and commercial concepts in a clear and succinct manner to individuals and groups from diverse professional backgrounds.

How to apply

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Do you have questions?

If you have questions or would like to discuss the details of this role, please contact Suresh Jogi via the details below, quoting publication number:

Account manager

Suresh Jogi
Brunel Energy UAE Dubai
+971 4 315 3000

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