Aircraft Maintenance Technician


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About this role: Aircraft Maintenance Technician

  • To perform either avionics or cabin or structure or air frame & power plant maintenance work on aircraft in hangar/line areas, from a routine and basic level up to an involved and specialized level dependent upon the level of authorization;
  • Maintain systems and equipment;
  • Repair or replace broken aircraft parts;
  • Perform troubleshooting;
  • Use power and hand tools (e;g; cranes, grinders);
  • Using complex manuals and blueprints;
  • Running diagnostic tests;
  • Perform regular system inspections;
  • Use gauges and diagnostic tests to detect malfunctions;
  • Understand and apply guidelines from manuals and blueprints;
  • Keep maintenance and repair logs; Updating maintenance and repair logs;
  • Ensure compliance with regional and company safety regulations;
  • Collaborate with other technicians and electricians;
  • Maintain minimum of one aircraft, general aircraft cabin, general aircraft structure or specialty as per JSM;
  • Maintain a minimum of two aircraft dispatch, tow avionics, any of the aircraft system (power plant/air frame) on four aircraft, general aircraft structure or specialized on one aircraft cabin as per JSM;
  • Specialized on one aircraft dispatch or one aircraft system; One aircraft structure or two aircraft cabins on skill level "C'' as per JSM;
  • Specialized on two aircraft dispatch, two aircraft system one aircraft plus other aircraft system, two aircraft structure, three aircraft cabin on skill level "C" or one aircraft plus ramp and transit avionics at a knowledge on the same aircraft as per JSM;
  • Specialized on three aircraft dispatch, three aircraft system, two aircraft plus one system on another aircraft, one aircraft plus two system on other aircraft, three aircraft structure, four aircraft cabin on skill level "C" or two aircraft plus ramp and transit avionics at a knowledge on one of the two aircraft as per JSM;
  • Specialized on four aircraft dispatch (for special flight services, four aircraft from group A or eight aircraft from group B) Four aircraft systems, three aircraft plus one system on other aircraft; One aircraft and three aircraft system on other aircraft; Four aircraft structure, five aircraft cabin on skill level "C" or three aircraft plus ramp and transit avionics at a knowledge on one aircraft, two aircraft plus ramp and transit avionics at a knowledge on two aircraft as per JSM; Aircraft Maintenance Technicians inspect mechanical, hydraulic and structural systems and diagnose malfunctions; They use power and hand tools (e;g; saws, grinders) to repair aircraft parts; For example, they fix broken wings and leaks; They also ensure compliance with aviation safety rules and regulations;
  • They maintain and repair aircraft systems and their components; They oversee the operation of various aircraft types, including helicopters and jets.


  • Diploma degree;
  • Minimum experience 6 years / Inspection experience is preferred;
  • Rated for one or more aircraft of the followings: Boeing B737-7/8/9, B777-300ER/F or B787-9/10 / Airbus A320 Family, A330-300, A350 or A380;
  • A&P license or Avionics certificate;
  • Preferred Technicians who hold FAA license or EASA B1/B2 type rating.

How to apply

If you meet the above requirements and would like to be considered for this role, please submit your interest using the ‘Apply’ button. Applying is quick and easy – just make sure you have the following documents ready to go:

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  • Cover Letter (optional)
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Do you have questions?

If you have questions or would like to discuss the details of this role, please contact Khurshid Ahmed via the details below, quoting publication number:

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Khurshid Ahmed
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