Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to work for, with or at Brunel, what steps do I need to take?

Working for Brunel

Create your personal  My Brunel account. My Brunel provides you with your personal environment in which you can upload your CV and can change your personal information. When you have a complete profile you will be able to respond to jobs quicker (you don't have to provide all the information everytime) and will be assigned your personal accountmanager and contact for Brunel.   

I can't register at My Brunel, the system tells me my emailaddress is already known

Most likely you are already in possession of a My Brunel account. Please use the  password-forgotten function, we will send you a  new password to the emailaddress thats is known by us. Should you not receive the password please contact us on Please provide us with your accountinformation ( name ; emailaddress) and a description of the steps you already performed so we can help you quickly.

I'm not receiving a new password when I use the ' password-forgotten' - functionality.

It is most likely that you are known in our systems with multiple emailaddresses.

Please check your other emailboxes for the email we sent you.


If you did not receive an email at all, please contact us at


I have forgotten or lost my username.

Your username is equal to the emailaddress you used to register yourself at My Brunel
(or the emailaddress you provided when you came into contact with Brunel). 

I have forgotten my password, what now?

Use the password-forgotten functionality and we will send you your password on the emailaddress known to us.