Renewable Energy


Helping you put the future in the right hands


Renewable energy is the future. But to succeed you must be both technologically innovative and politically savvy. Regulation, stakeholder interests, forecasting where demand will lie, securing the right investments all call for a sense of the bigger picture. And then there’s the technology itself: improving efficiencies and developing smarter distribution concepts calls for professionals with wide international experience and cutting edge skills. But for those that can deliver, the future is in their hands.    


 The expertise to deliver ever-smarter solutions


Brunel works with companies across this innovative sector. Our project leaders, site managers, designers and engineers have key roles in wind power, biomass and solar thermal projects. High quality professionals with international experience. We also continuously renew their technical skills so they stay cutting edge. While our account managers genuinely commit to your projects. Using their wide networks and sector knowledge to respond quickly with no-nonsense advice and flexible solutions.