It’s not about more ICT people, it’s about better ones.


Companies want to reduce ICT costs without negative business impact. Whether by solutions like far-shoring and remote services, or by greater centralization of IT support and management, the need is for fewer, higher quality specialists. And for a more versatile IT workforce. Professionals who can come in at short notice with the skills and flexibility to hit the ground running. Times are tough. The winners will be those who can optimise IT usage to best develop their business.


Professionals who make sure your IT develops your business


Because Brunel understands the ICT issues customers face, we focus on relevant solutions: service desk services that stay close to the customer, finding added value in large secondment contracts. Our people have always been the high calibre professionals now in such high demand. Well-educated developers and systems engineers with wide experience and strong business skills. Backed by account managers who go that extra mile, responding fast with creative, cost-effective solutions that work.