High Tech


To move fast you need people who can anticipate your needs


Innovation alone isn’t enough. The best High-Tech companies move fast from research to product to market. A challenge made tougher by a shortage of experts. But for companies with access to high calibre engineers and designers, the opportunities are huge. From sustainable technologies to production equipment to nano-electronics. But it requires specialists who can add value from day 1. Backed by a partner with the industry insight to anticipate today the skills your business will need tomorrow.



There’s one answer to every complex problem: quality people


Brunel works with leading High Tech companies across the globe. Our people have the skills they need. From developing embedded systems or optimizing processes using renewable energy to regulatory knowledge or quality management. Skills kept sharp with ongoing training, for example in tools like CAD, GUI and CLI. Backed by account managers with the technical, sectoral and HR knowhow to understand your needs, and a global network that can find the specialists to help your business innovate faster.