In a fast-changing world quality is a constant requirement 


The same factors that make Electronics exciting, also make it challenging. Advances in technology occur almost daily and competition is fierce. To be amongst the winners, companies must embrace continuous change, and be able to accelerate innovation processes to create solutions that deliver revenue. This requires professionals with strong technical skills and the right personal competencies. And partners who understand the sector, can think with you and adapt solutions to suit your needs.


Electronics is at the heart of many sectors. Just like Brunel. 


Brunel has global presence and expertise across the industries where Electronics is having a growing impact, such as telecoms, automobiles and avionics. From system designers and testers to project managers and process engineers, our people have broad experience and cutting-edge skills in areas like product development, testing and production design. Clients stay with Brunel because our account managers know their markets, track their needs and respond quickly with solutions that work.