A long-term partner offering skills and innovation


Governmental red tape, the mixed quality of contract delivery, local geo-political issues. Oil and gas production has always been a sector needing quality people to meet the daily challenges, such as excellent production and construction managers. But increasingly it also calls for professionals with technological backgrounds. And people with the ability to work with innovations in areas like distribution and refining. Innovations that will determine which companies succeed in the future.



Integrated solutions to complex problems


Brunel has unparalleled know-how in production. Our people have skills in key areas like construction, erection & commissioning, and maintenance management. Professionals with experience across many different working environments. Our account managers respond quickly with knowledgeable advice, the right specialists and integrated solutions. We even have Brunel-run camps for our workers. In short, a reliable, no-nonsense partner that solves problems and thinks with you on longer-term solutions.