A global network of specialist geoscience teams


 While the industry faces growing NOC influence and public environmental concerns, many geoscientists are now reaching pension age. Still future opportunities are out there, such as the Black Sea, West Africa and offshore Brazil. But with evermore demanding locations like the Arctic and ultra deep water and the increasing technical complexity of reservoirs involving faults, HP/HT and shale, it will be the companies with access to the rights calibre of professional who will have the upper hand.


Providing experts today and developing talent for tomorrow


Brunel has teams focused on this specific niche. Our office network across 35 countries offers geoscientists, petroleum and production engineers, surveyors and environmental specialists with international experience. Our training programme develops skills in key areas like reservoir modeling, data interpretation and on-site support. While our account managers provide entrepreneurial support based on sector knowledge, kept current by regular meetings with customers and technical specialists.